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  1. No offense, Zoomer, but who doesn't have a MMB? PCs have had them for a decade and Mac has had them for at least 5 or 6 years. I haven't seen a 1 or 2 button mouse in years. I can't imaging working in WV (or PS) without the scroll wheel zoom. I just don't like MMB + modifier key for basic stuff like Mays's Alt+MMB to pan. That just an non-intuitive combination for me.
  2. I'm intrigued by the Name field in the OIP that appeared in 17? 18? Obviously VW is keeping track of these names somewhere as it wont let you reuse a name. But it would be extremely handy to have an organizer pallet or maybe just a tab in the Navigation palette. Ideally, it wouldn't be a list of every generic object like most modeling software has (i.e. cube1, cube2, cylinder1, cube3, plane1,...) but only a list of objects (or groups!) that we have specifically given names to. Ideally, selecting that object in the list would jump you to its location class and layer even if you were on a sheet. As you can sort of do this already with a worksheet and the select on document command, it seems like most of the required elements are already in there. All we need it the palette.
  3. Boy, I don't know. I agree with Zoomer's (3 year old post) I love the num-pad navigation. I dreamed of multi-view panes for years but when we finally got it last year I hardly used it. I think largely because the num-pad is second nature to me. I even absentmindedly try to use it in 2D aps like Photoshop. I haven't used Rhino but I do use Maya, Blender, and Unreal and navigation in those programs is one of the things I struggle with the most. My navigation wish list is more for things like an XYZ lock (each independent, not one at a time like in the reshape tool), a super quick and boomerang "hide all but selected" command, as many programs have. Clip-cube is ok but not quite the same especially when your object is adjacent to other objects. I think we'll agree that Mirror and rotate should not be separate tools with 2-hand shortcuts (Ctrl+=) but something integrated into other tools, like you've mentioned in other places, Kevin. On the other hand, the Pan/space is invaluable. Both in VW and PS. When I'm in other programs like Maya where pan is Alt-MMB I go nuts. But I'd love to see an XYZ lock right there in the view bar. And a gizmo/widget (I refuse to call it a 3D drager!) as part of the basic interface with move/scale/rotate built in and mirror and reshape available with a modifier key. Throw in UV unwrapping and (for godsakes) vertical lighting positions and I'll be happy.
  4. But yes we are long overdue for a xyz lock. Heck I'd give up x=select and zoom lope (Y is available) to have a momentary switch plan lock with those keys!
  5. I love set working plane. I've moved it into my Basic toolset I use it so much. Don't forget you can click on the Eye looking at to the pink grid icon in the view bar to "look at working plane" when you do that it swings your view around so that XYX commands like move and Duplicate Array work relative to the working plane. When you're finished just hit the Nub Pad 0 key (or select top/plan) and your back to normal.
  6. What is the little (I think its a) magnifying glass icon that pops up in the screen hints in 2019. I'm assuming its some kind of quick access to the zoom lope or something but I can't seen to find any keys or clicks that do anything. Anybody know what this is. Jim?
  7. Sure but you have to create an extra viewport just to make the cut. And (although it crashed when I was messing with it) it looks like it has a way to automatically dash-hidden line object over the cutting plane. That will save a lot of drawing in the viewport annotations. If it works.
  8. Well this looks promising but playing with it cause my first POOF! crash of 2019.
  9. I had the same issue especially on bezier curves or other organic shapes. Set preferences to "Good and compatible" solved it. Now zoom is great.
  10. I couldn't agree more. The first thing I do in any software from Windows up is go in and turn off all the bells and whistles. I really couldn't care less if its a 1990s radio button or an animated glowing ball of amazing, if I'm staring at the wait cursor for half the time I'm working. Blender just released the EVEE UI that allows you to work in a fully rendered and lit environment in real-time and that's an open source software. So many of the exciting additions to VW--sub surfaces, displacement maps, caustics, etc--that I was so excited about when they came out, I hardly ever use because they slow you down to a crawl. Fast 3d, fast view-ports, fast renders, fast save/open. Those are the things that affect you more than anything else.
  11. No kidding. Maybe We won't have to use the clip cube to generate our +72" ground plans any more.
  12. I agree! I'm astonished we still don't have a universal widget or toggle-able XYZ locks as part of the basic interface. I'm a VW cheerleader but WV 19 is basically indistinguishable from VW 2012. I haven't really noticed any performance upgrade from 18 as far as the multi threading goes. My 6 core 8700K and GTX 1080 that rips though every other application I use still seem to be pretty sleepy on the dang tool I use every day!
  13. I did. I bought it knowing I'd be able to get drawings into it one way or another. And export to PDF works perfectly. I spent all day cutting stuff up. Its amazing how even simple things like corrugated cardboard look amazing when cut with the laser. No crushing or tearing. Cut any kind of paper product fine. 1/8 and 1/4 Lauan no problem. Acetate, acrylic look fantastic. The only thing I failed at was 1/4 Masonite. To cut through it the charing was just too much. It could do 1/8 Maso fine. I'm pretty impressed. The way I build models has just had a quantum change!
  14. To answer my own question, Exporting as a PDF from VW opened and cut on the Glowforge with no issues or no intermediate steps. Super easy.
  15. Oh I forgot the other part of your question. No, it renders for a few seconds then its black and stays black. OGL is fine but any RW style doesn't do anything but black. I haven't had the issue in VPs using Hidden line etc--"drafting". Only in renderings. Sean
  16. VW 18 SP4 I7-8700k 3.70 (oc to 4) 32RAM GTX 1080 Wind 10 I'll look for the CineRender next time it happens. I've just been preemptively saving and restarting before I do a FQ render lately. They seem to go a little quicker after a 'refresh' too. I can't wait for multi-threading next month!!! Did you see my post about the disappearing textures? That's a long running problem too. Thanks Sean
  17. A few versions back, and a few years ago I posted the question as to why textures randomly disappear on objects after awhile. I'm using 2018 and still having the issue. It seems to happen on Extrude along a path objects more than others but not exclusively. When you select the object, the Render Tab sill shows the texture applied so its not like I'm accidentally assigning no texture to them. As soon as you re-assign the texture its fine but I always have to hunt around in a model before I run a big render as there will almost always be a few. Often they are inside of groups or even in symbols. The rest of the group or symbol will be fine but one piece will draw white. And its white like No texture and White fill as AO still appears--not like a white hole in the render. I'm hoping this goes away in 19? VW 18 I7-8700k 3.70 32RAM GTX 1080 Wind 10
  18. Still having this issue in 2018. And its a lot more than Jim's 1 in 50 times. More like 1 in 5 for me. Restart works, but often it takes 2 restarts as Rnderworks will not load on the first restart.
  19. I am considering buying a Glowforge laser cutter for our studio but as it's a $5000 investment I want to make sure we are going to be able to use it with VW. There was another thread on this topic that seemed somewhat inconclusive as to how well VW works with cutters. Some said they had no problem, some said 'can't do it' and some had long workarounds via Illustrator or other software. Ideally what we'd like to do is build our digital 3d models, create viewports like we are doing for ink. but then convert those viewports to vector lines that the Glowforge can read and cut. No problem converting, changing attributes, and exporting in some other file format, but I don't want to spend hours in some other software preping files and crossing my fingers. So where is the conversation on direct or semi-direct export from VW to laser cutters? Or for 3D printers for that matter--something else we are considering. Love to get some official word. Sean O'Skea WW 18 Designer Windows 10 Various but capable PCs.
  20. Keven Success! I had done everything you did--EXCEPT that last sentence. I just created a helper any-old-where by extruding a rectangle rotating it and using a side. As soon as I used the 2D poly in side view on yz, it worked no problem. How odd. I had no problem with my randomly positioned helper cube if I was curving on the 90s but as soon as I tried to change the angle--chime of doom. Thanks for all the help on a Sunday morning. And Thanks Mark and mjm too. Sean
  21. mjm Thanks that's great. I was playing with that and that is a viable solution, but we're after a curve that goes beyond 90degs. Shes's trying to create a giant piece of paper that curls back on itself like a wave. I think this could work with some added effort. Thanks Sean
  22. So you drew the rec. Rotated and extruded. Created another cube on the x/y and switched to side view. Then selected the "floor" and used the protractor snapped to the side of the cube. I forgot I had my snapping off cause I was playing with SubSurfaces-- embarrassed emoji. Anyway. It still failed. Is that your steps above?
  23. Kevin I can't get the protractor to snap to another object in the side view...
  24. Interesting... As I suspected, it doesn't want to bend against the grid of polys. So as an experiment I made a giant rectangle. Made a 2nd rectangle the size of our curved floor. Rotated that in 2D on top of the big rectangle and did Clip. Then I extruded the smaller 45deg rectangle cut out of the bigger one and I could use the bend on the angle. You can see the rotated mesh in the highlight. I was even able to cut a further solid subtraction out of it with no problem. And to further confirm, a regular 90deg bend failed. So I guess this will work but I'd love to learn a more elegant solution. With all the amazingly crazy shapes you can get out of the deform tool, curling up a corner doesn't seem too complicated. The preview in the bend mode even shows exactly what I'm after, but you click and a second or two later you get the dreaded "Failed" chime.
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