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  1. i've just experimented with separate records, attached as psets. there in a possibility to insert any data to any object. rob edit: 'any data to any object' under the condition that these are manual values. some field values can be retrieved from objects automatically, but i can't figure out the rule behind.
  2. here we go a different route, the polish version has another window and door tool, coming from the design express one, and used in the dutch, french and polish versions. we have other parameter fields that we can display both in the automatic schedules (there's a special tool for it) and in the database search. but i hear you here nevertheless. rob
  3. is the plugin version too old?
  4. sorry for reviving: does this tool work with you, guys? i only get a blank dialog window, bioth in the english and polish v2019 program versions. is there anything more to do to activate the plug-in? rob
  5. thank you very much, it worked now 😊 rob
  6. i've contacted gerrit from design express, let's see what they say.
  7. vectorworks is a polish localisation, and i've run it both on polish and english system languages on a mac, same result as above. on the english system vectorworks v2019 even crashed (although it usually works fine). don't use it. no clue what's going wrong... rob
  8. hi marissa, something has gone wrong, and the 3 modules numpy, scipy and pil have failed with the installation. do i have to unlock anything (it's high sierra mac)? thanks.
  9. thanks, marissa, i'll give it a try 🙂 rob
  10. this is the v2019, and the additionally installed module is python 3.7.2, apart from the one from vectorworks, as you and nicolas point out. i have even extended the path to the python 3.7 location, but to no avail. so it may lay on the internal mo library? thanks. rob edit: the current $path variable
  11. well, the /usr/bin contents doesn't list python 3.3, though. should i change any path to the right version?
  12. hi, although python 3.3 is installed on my machine and the nominatim with geolocator works (first screenshot from the terminal), vectorworks seems to not recognise it - it's the sun path diagram mo. is anything missing here - it's the polish version of vectorworks? thx for any clue, rob
  13. thanks, kostadin 🙂 actually i haven't seen the hidden texts at all, even the selection didn't work. update: ok, the texts have been found 🙂 @olaf the text field is for displaying the record data in the tag body. rob.
  14. ok, here's the file. thanks for your time... Data_tag.vwx
  15. not quite, just for the listed items in the data tag styles library... i think the data tags have something that identifies the objects they can be attached to, but i cannot figure out what. in my case i used the callout data tag to make it a data tag for a 2d symbol for slab breaks (for wall breaks i use the us window as a simple opening, and window data from the object). the break symbol has a record attached with the description, and the two main dimensions. the data tag doesn't recognise the object although the record with all fields has been assigned to the data tag text field. btw, you can attach all data for one field with a few rows... no clue if there's a way to proceed... rob
  16. sorry for reviving. as solibri ifc optimiser starts to be a recognisable tool here in poland, is the previous opinion still valid, or has the sio performance with vectorworks (and probably not only) been improved in the meantime? thanks.
  17. the folder 'teamwork' resides on my machine, it's not a network folder. or am i missing something?
  18. ok, i've installed and logged in. now i want to choose my local folder for project sharing (which is in my user directory on the main drive of the computer) and select it for constant backup. what is wrong with it?
  19. hi tolu, thanks for looking at it. no, just dropping files onto our google drive in the web browser. i've set up my private cloud at home for this functionality, but now i have to do it for the company before i buy an additional nas drive 🙂 so the next step would be to install the google b&s client, but do i have to do anything on the server side? have fun, rob
  20. sorry for reviving ... how to access a project file located on the company's google drive? when i open a working file, there's no option other than local or connected drives... thx rob
  21. @anton5 i gather you answer to my #1, thanks for this. i mean a vectorworks project that has been moved from the world coordinates via replacing them with the user coordinates. sometimes the world coordinates are not retrievable anymore, we don't have a cache (like the one in revit) to store the world coordinates for the future exports. rob
  22. lacking apple support for opengl _is_ an issue for macintosh machines, and a big one. and, regardless of opengl presence in mac os, it really matters if vw still keeps opengl for the future releases or not. the sooner maxon introduces metal for cinerender, the better.
  23. if it's an opengl issue, then maxon will have to switch to metal for cinerender, too. because there comes archicad as well... i only hope that mojave will improve for this issue, because for the new computers it'd mean to go back to the previous os versions.
  24. and how does it work in 2018? there's no other report than the custom one, and the space finish one. i can't pull the sheet name from the sheet border record, as it doesn't contain neither the name nor the sheet title... the records seem to not work for sheets, but only for viewports. thanks for any clue. the more automatic, the better...
  25. @bryan g. i understand it as a real-time display possibility on the computer during the survey (i don't own disto) because of a relatively small display on the device itself. currently you have to transfer the whole data in order to be able to see the result, as the disto display doesn't allow to. @art v thanks, but the engineer doesn't want to run intermediate softwares (he's got enough of them), and his platform is windows (both the computer and the surface 4 tablet). rob
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