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  1. Does VW 2019 sp2 work property with OS Mojave?
  2. We need update to fix the errors, quickly We can not work properly
  3. Distributor is waiting for US... probably I contacted with their and I have this information
  4. When will SP2 available for Poland? Who knows"
  5. Thank U for quickly answer. So, better wait?
  6. Can I upgrade the OS X system to Mojave? Will be work with VW 2019 sp1?
  7. OS Mojave - VW 2019 - files created in older VW does not work...
  8. Final OS Mojave still does not work properly with VW 2018, for example: problem with palettes... empty container 😞
  9. Beta 3 - a little bit better, but only little :(
  10. Nothing change after installing beta 2. But it is true, when I closed Object info palette VW runs faster.
  11. Beta 2 is coming... Maybe VW starts to live again 😉 I'll try for the moment.
  12. I know, but maybe someone find the way to speed up VW?
  13. Hi, I installed Mac OS Mojave public beta and Vectorworks slows down maximally. Is anything I can to repear it or I must down the system?
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