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Door style IFC fire/acoustic

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Here we go again.

Trying to attach fire and acoustic rating to door style and get it to IFC. Seems very difficult.

Followed my old recipe from 2015, but did not work this time.

Any solutions out there?

Getting really tiered of bad IFC capabilities..... 

VW 2018 SP6 mac

@Jeffrey W Ouellette @gester


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here we go a different route, the polish version has another window and door tool, coming from the design express one, and used in the dutch, french and polish versions.

we have other parameter fields that we can display both in the automatic schedules (there's a special tool for it) and in the database search.

but i hear you here nevertheless.


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@ ida,


I am by NO MEANS an IFC expert but here's a file with fire rating of 3 hours attached to the door.  That rating did show up in Solibri.  I am on 2019 but back-saved it to 2018.  I think the process is the same...???

Door test v2018.vwx

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 11.56.30 AM.png

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Posted (edited)

i've just experimented with separate records, attached as psets. there in a possibility to insert any data to any object.




'any data to any object' under the condition that these are manual values. some field values can be retrieved from objects automatically, but i can't figure out the rule behind.

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further testing

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