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  1. Sorry Art that doesn't work for SDK plug-ins. Conrad
  2. Hi Ido At the moment I would suggest abbreviating the names and make/models a bit, and using Text Align Left or Right to maximise the available space. We will make Text menu drive the Name parameter in a forthcoming release to help some more. Best Conrad
  3. Well, that's interesting... yes you have a point. You could partly alleviate this by choosing Text Align Left or Right. After that it becomes difficult. We are having a think about this... Conrad
  4. Yes that's true but you can't rotate it w.r.t. the circuit path which I think was what Dmitry wanted.
  5. Hi Dmitry I have a feeling that you are using a layer scale that is not 1:1 which might account for the strange text sizes. It's best when starting out to begin from the ConnectCAD template and then branch out from there as you get more familiar. At the moment ConnectCAD schematics should be drawn at 1:1 scale. Essentially schematics are Not To Scale drawings so it shouldn't be a problem to have them at 1:1. Supporting other scales is in our future plans but the truth is that the benefit is quite smal in the end for the amount of work. Ok, so I digressed a bit... Now to answer your question. No you can't move the cable number, it's part of the Circuit object and the orientation is determined by the Circuit path. Hope that helps. Conrad
  6. Just to add to this, Circuits don't currently support custom parameters.
  7. Hi Dmitry Here's an example: I've enabled a custom Device field, given the Devices on my schematic some values for the custom param, and created a Device Report. Then I inserted a column of my own into the Report, enabled View > Database Headers and added the formula '= (Device.user1) and recalculated. Then the values appear. Best Conrad
  8. Ok, got it this time! Sorry for being slow on the uptake 🙂 I'll look into that. Thanks for taking the time to spell it out. I had a thought some while back to allow Circuits to be drawn anyhow and flip them afterwards if they were IN -> OUT. I remember that flipping the Circuit was not a completely trivial exercise. Leave this with me. Conrad
  9. Did you know... that double-clicking with the Connect tool makes the "next connection"? Say you're connecting some sockets on device A to device B. You take the Connect tool and draw your first Circuit joining the topmost socket on A to the corresponding one on B. Your Circuit remains selected after creation - here's why. If you now want a similar shape of Circuit from the socket below, just double-click it. This is the 2020 version of the old Connect Next command. And it's even better than before - it's smart about signal types too. So start double-clicking and save yourself time!
  10. Did you know... that ConnectCAD 2020 works nicely with Vectorworks Project Sharing? This is a happy by-product of our transition to Vectorworks SDK! So when you have more than one designer working on your project, set it up for Project Sharing and you can all work together on the same file. Give it a try!
  11. Did you know... How to do Arrow connections between layers? You select the Connect tool, choose Arrow mode, click on your source socket and you want to move to another layer. How? 2 ways: Use the Navigation Palette - click in the active layer column to switch layers, or... Use Cmd (Ctrl)-Arrow-Up/Down keys to move up and down the layer stack. Either way it always helps to have the Nav Palette open so you can always see where you are going 🙂
  12. Hi Everyone, This topic is a place where I will share nuggets of information and techniques you may not have come across. Conrad
  13. Hi Ean When you say "logically listed" are you able to say what the logic is? IMO a simple consistent rule would be better than adding flipping options. That's what I'm trying to get at. Label text changing position is a bug and we have it fixed. Conrad
  14. Hi Wade Glad you like it !!! We have certainly put some hours in... Moving from Vectorscript to SDK has brought many benefits but we did lose one thing - ability to customise plug-ins. So the Rack size choice list is fixed I'm afraid. In the next service pack we have all Rack sizes from 1U to 45U. What sizes are you missing? Conrad
  15. Hi, I'm also curious to see how people are using ConnectCAD - and I invented it !!! 🤣 One thing is for sure, in all the years you guys have never failed to surprise me... I'll give you my take on these questions but hope we'll hear from others too. 1: adding stuff to existing floorplans - ConnectCAD uses a lot of resources from the template - these get imported into other drawings if they are missing but hey, why not start with them already there?: so, I would say start New Drawing from ConnectCAD template, create a Floor Plan layer at the scale you want, then go to your existing floor plan doc and copy the content, paste into the Floor Plan layer you just created. 2: Renumber Devices works on selected devices only if you have devices selected. In 2020 that's the only way it works. 3: the Make Cable Labels command just creates a spreadsheet with the cable numbers ( twice - 2 ends to a cable ) with some nice formatting. You can then export this for label printing. Now we are part of a huge company 🙂 we can contemplate the project of interfacing to various label printers. It's on my roadmap for a later version. Conrad


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