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  1. another example being the PNL-1425 panel that is in the resource manager that would be great to have a panel like that where it has location points that we could drag and drop the connectors on as needed. is there a way to make the equipment item ctp panels be created with location points like the pnl-1425?
  2. how do you guys typically build your connector panels? A few things im running into right now is 1 - I need the labels on top of the connectors and I cant find a way to do that currently. 2 - is there a way to set the defualt spacing to be larger? currently when i hit the add connectors button they are spaced to close together for what my boss wants and instead of having to go in and use the align and distribute tool it would be nice to be able to change the default spacing. also currently the last connector on a line shows up off the page of the panel. It would be great if there was a way when you hit the add connectors button it brings up a page where you select a border size and spacing for example set a 2" borderand 1/2" spacing so that any connectors added would be placed within the parameters. if there is a way to do this currently let me know how you accomplish it id love to know. 3 - lastly is there a way to add connectors later on without screwing up the changes you've made to existing connecotrs? right now lets say ive finished a panel but then the client decides they need one more xlr input and i add that connector everything gets reset and all my position changes and connector types if i changed them have to be redone. Is there a way to add more connectors to existing panels without changing the old connectors already there? just remembered a few other minor things and attached a screenshot to show what i mean. is there a way to not have the CTP_ show up on the drawing? much like name vs tag with devices can i have a panel connector on the drawing say Studio 1 instead of CTP_Studio 1 and lastly ever since updating to service pack 2.2 anything i create has that arrow in the top left corner as if its using a line with an arrow to create the box instead of just a regular line but in the attributes everything is set the same as older devices and they dont have the arrow so im not sure what thats about. Thanks for any insights you guys have.
  3. I'm following this article http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/VW2020_Guide/ConnectCAD/Creating_connector_panel_layouts.htm and trying to build panels first before having a schematic. I am in the rack elevation design layer and i select the equipment item tool and click on the screen to use it and it brings up the equipment item object properties and this is where some weirdness starts happening. First off the custom panel dropdown has 2 buttons get connectors and create panel devices but neither button does anything. when i type in a name and then click off that field the whole object properties changes it now has the fields name, model, width, room id, slotid, rack uid, and user 4, under user 4 are the buttons that used to be get connectors and create panel devices but now they read user5 and user6 and they still dont do anything. What am i doing wrong here? ive tried opening a new session =using the connectcad template and still same thing.
  4. I'd love to see how others are using connectcad. I started learning vectorworks and connectcad at the same time using 2019 and theres been a lot to learn and then we just upgraded to 2020 and now everythings changed. I definitely like it and can see it being very helpful when i get things figured out but boy is there a learning curve. I am also disappointed so far in vectorworks support and the documentation they have in their vectorworks university is barely helpful. The old connectcad support site was much more helpful but now its gone and only small parts made it into the vectorworks university. Here is a list of things I'd love to see how other members are using connectcad 1: Do you add equip items to existing floorplans? for example if I have a client send me an existing floorplan id love to make my wiring diagram and then add the equip items and change the 2d graphic to one that ive created or pulled from a manufacturers site. is this a common use case? 2: for jobs with multiple rooms that are mostly similar i like to make one wiring diagram with all the components and then duplicate it and erase what i dont need is there an easy way to renumber these devices by device instead of all devices at once? If i use renumber devices it will just renumber everything in the order it was created id like to be able to renumber devices by symbol which i could just select the devices i want but i have some large projects that this becomes very tedious. I'm curious how others like to renumber their devices if they copy and paste. 3: i havent tried this yet but my next thing id like to do is try and use connectcad to preprint cable labels so anyone with experience doing this id love to hear your tips and tricks that youve learned. Overall im looking forward to lots of cool stuff with connectcad and excited to learn more about how to use it. I'll try and upload some of my designs (have to get permission first) so people can see how ive been using it (im no expert) but id love to learn others workflows and applications. I'm mostly work on installed systems myself but have plenty of live event experience as well.
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