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  1. @Conrad Preen Alright so I've been playing with this a little bit. I've figured out what you are talking about and was able to link an equipment item and a symbol. Have a couple questions: 1) can I link text from that symbol to data from the original item? I tried setting the text to dev_rec->name but it doesn't pull the data from the linked object. Guessing maybe it doesn't inherit right? 2) I'm completely lost on the cable / cable route / drop point tool. I read through the manual and the documentation doesn't really make sense to me. A tutorial video would be awesome. It certainly is a significantly more powerful tool than what I am really looking for at the moment. My biggest thing right now is probably what the architect symbol set does for wiring in lighting fixtures. I don't want to calculate lengths, just draw the lines but still have it be smart.
  2. @Conrad Preenbasically something like this: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1142/1104/files/reflexted-ceiling-electrical-sheet_grande.jpg?10870220850097342311
  3. Sorry - reflected ceiling plan. Essentially just a 2d flat plan of the house with 2d symbols of locations of devices and such. @Conrad Preen
  4. Hello, Two questions. 1 - I’d like to start doing RCP type drawings with the devices we’re using in connectcad. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a set of symbols that can link back to the device data within the schematics. Mostly names, types and such. Side question with this: do I need architect version to draw linking lines and home run lines for cabling? I see there’s now some new tools but I’ve tried messing around with it and don’t get it. 2 - with the above, can I do this within the same file and add layers for the actual cad or is it recommended/is there a way to link this data to another file?
  5. Hey Conrad, There is still some weirdness around the worksheets to the devices themselves.. I updated the "loc_rack" and rack u on the device report and it's not pushing to the devices themselves. I've actually removed the RK-01 reference from the project (no more actual rack, all panel based) and can't get that TPC device to update..
  6. Yeah - found them at the base level. Didn't look the other day. Thanks! I think they must have just been left over from 2020. There were a lot of things within this drawing which I had to redo. One of them was any piece of rack gear which I made as a device but didn't set the RU attribute when creating the device. When I updated the rack view, it created a new device on the rack drawing without the settings I manually did on the rack page even though there was an existing one in the same place already in that spot. Another thing I noticed in 2020 was that you can connect to both sides of a data termination panel. 2021 doesn't seem to let you. I have to move a side off temporarily, connect the 2nd part then manually move it back. I'm going to send the 2020 version of this for you to look at.
  7. Hey Conrad, I didn't do anything crazy to get there. I did do the majority in 2020 and then converted to 2021 and its had many revisions. So maybe something with that? I did that and looks like the data is correct. However it does not seem to be adding the work sheets back into the resource manager. Is there a way to add them back into there? I suppose I probably dont really need them in there, but good to know.
  8. Hello, When running "Current Layer Cable Report", It seems no matter what layer i'm on, its pulling up the same list of source/destination device items with its associated cable type (from a layer not shown/selected), but the Cable number, rack and rack space number is being filled by the shown layers data. Attached is one of the devices and numbered cable sets, as well as the report data with some of these on it. You can clearly see something is very wrong with the data and certainly not lining up with the numbers and associated devices.
  9. Well its actually missing a few letters which is random. Was this maybe by design?
  10. Looks like someone needs to learn their ABC's again 😛 Can't select I as a panel letter. I'm just clicking modify array in properties.
  11. Hey All, When using the rack frame in 2021, text now rotates 90. Is there a way to flip that back and make it fit or at least adjustable? Changing the text options with item selected doesn't do anything.
  12. 2nd this and seeing the same issue. Almost same hardware.
  13. Hey Conrad - Apologies but I didn't mean it in a negative way toward you/team just more that its completely unintelligible since everything is just piled in and its a blob of text. No frustrations here, just would love it if there is something that could be adjusted or the team can be improved on. The wording was poor judgment on my part, but certainly not a negative intention towards VW. I'm very appreciative on how helpful you all are and that you are always looking to improve things. Regarding the grid spacing - is this where its shown (attached)? Can't remember off the top of my head.
  14. Yeah there are a lot of improvements in 2021. Traditionally I've always avoided a first release (terrible past experiences) but I have to say its pretty solid and this was fixed. 2020 Build: 25.0.5 (562257)
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