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  1. Hello - I called in but they weren't sure. So I figured you might be quicker to respond here. When clicking the "Terminator" tool in the tool sets menu, I get an error message. "An error occurred while opening the plug-in. Make sure that the plugin is located in the "Plug-ins" folder located in the User Data and Preferences folder...." I tried the reinstall option from the updater and no dice. And I've replaced the entire User folder and no dice either.
  2. Hi Nikolay, One file with arrows. Will private message you now.
  3. Hey - I keep having issues with devices having wires between schematic pages. Sometimes I have to move devices and then it just falls apart. The wire tags won't lock to the object socket then it disconnects. Dragging back to pin doesn't reconnect it. Refreshing links doesn't do anything. Copy and pasting will sometimes paste right, other times it has random connections missing. Any input?
  4. Thanks Conrad - very helpful. Couple more things: 1) how can I change the text color of connector labels on a device? Currently magenta. 2) can we add additional signal types (like Cresnet is missing for example) and connector types? I'd love to customize this list to not be so long. I'm never in my life going to use SCART or half of the others on here
  5. Hello, I'm trying to get this new version setup and its quite a bit different from what I was shown on the pre Vectorworks version. How does one go about adding a custom field for devices i.e. an IP address field? Additionally - it would be great to really have a much more in-depth manual on this plugin. There is absolutely zero information and what info is available is dismal at best. All of the old stuff has now disappeared.


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