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Real world line weights

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Hi all!


I know this probably gets asked all the time, but when searching the forums, the only on point discussion I found was from 2012, so I thought I should ask to see if there's been any change.


I'm trying to use VW2022 (spotlight) to create a vector (.eps) drawing that can be sent to a laser cutter. The cutter is capable of a line width as narrow as .1mm, and I need VW to show that accurately in order to properly figure the space between lines.


It does appear that line weights in VW don't necessarily correspond to an actual width, correct? Does anyone have a workaround to make that possible, or maybe a suggestion on another app that does?


Many thanks!



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If you have Zoom Line Thicknesses turned on, then the lines that VW draws will be as close to the real world values as you screen resolution will allow.


Assuming you have a 4K monitor (3840 x 2160 pixels) on a 27" diagonal 4 x3 screen  you will have a horizontal width of just over 23 inches.


3840 pixels / 23 inches = 166 pixels per inch. Since there are 25.4 mm per inch, this means that there are about 6.6 pixels per mm. Or a line drawn 1 pixel wide will measure as about 0.15 mm.  But in reality, any line that is less than about 150% of that will show as 1 pixel, so a line weight of 0.001 to about 0.227 mm will all look the same as a single pixel.  As will lines from about 0.227 to 0.38 mm display as 2 pixels.


So in most cases, no you will not be able to show a 0.1mm line accurately on a screen at 100% zoom.  Zoom in on the drawing and with Zoom Line Thicknesses turned on you should get the display accuracy you need to be able to do very close layouts.

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