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Dead hang truss to house rigging point

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Hello gang!


im a fairly new user of vectorworks so this I probably a total newbie question..


 I’ve got a roof structure with multiple “house rigging points” and a need to deadhang (no hoist) a truss in these nodes. How do I attach the truss to the house rigging point? 

when I use the bridle tool and attach a deadhang to the point and truss it immediately overloads in brace works. Even if I increase the “allowable force “


any tips?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Is it the house rigging point that is being overloaded or the Dead hang bridle itself?

If its the bridle that is failing check the bridle configuration is using the correct steels and shackles


Another possibility is the safety factor, make sure that the safety factor is configured for usability in the Braceworks Preferences


If none of the above helps DM the file and I'll take a look

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