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  1. Whoop whoop. That worked out like a charm! Thank you so much!
  2. Hello there! I'm having some difficulty "subhanging" a truss in another truss and getting braceworks to work properly. In the attached picture: Grid number "1" is hanging a bit lower than grid "2" and I would like the upsupported side of this grid to hang in grid "2"(the red line). Preferebly with 2T hoists. The problem I have is that the 2T hoist is getting attached the the house rigging point thats over grid "2". And I can't get it to attach to the grid. Any tips? Thanks!
  3. Good point. I will give that a try. Thanks! the thing is that the venue has a row of wires in the roof. All with weight limitations. In that area I can only use those wires for rigging. Nothing else. so I just want to get a clear picture of the rigg and loads to the roof.
  4. Hello gang! im a fairly new user of vectorworks so this I probably a total newbie question.. I’ve got a roof structure with multiple “house rigging points” and a need to deadhang (no hoist) a truss in these nodes. How do I attach the truss to the house rigging point? when I use the bridle tool and attach a deadhang to the point and truss it immediately overloads in brace works. Even if I increase the “allowable force “ any tips? thanks!
  5. Ok.. I'm stupid... You can't add a bridle to a truss if you are not in "Top/Plan" view... Of course.. Thanks anyway!
  6. To hang trusses from the mothergrid. So add a bridle in the mothergrid to support a subhang hoist.
  7. Hi! Thanks for this! This seems a bit more complicated than I thought 🙂 But i'll give it a try. The truss(mothergrid) that we are using is Slick Superbeam. Is it on the list? 🙂 Do you happen to know how I can add bridles to a build trusssystem. For instance our mothergrid. Thanks!
  8. Hello! I would like to add my own trussing to the Vectorworks library in order to use these in a Braceworks calculation. I've received the 3D cad files from the manufacturer and I'm able to open these in Vectorworks, no problem. But then? I've converted the DWG's to symbols - convert to truss(braceworks) But I can't seem to get the "auto attach" when inserting truss parts to work. Is there a step by step guide on how to get this to work? I also notice that I can't add bridles to the truss. Huh? All your help is appreciated! Thanks
  9. I’m realizing that this might not be possible. I’ve been reading a few posts on this forum. I would be able to fake it if I could expand the “house rigging point “ and make this the size of the beam/chord. 🤔
  10. Hi all! I received my Vectorworks and Braceworks license yesterday and been working and playing with it ever since. at the moment I’m working on getting all the house(arena) rigging points(with allowable forces) in a drawing. our venue is a combination of 3 different rigging decks. All with different heights and different nodes. our upper deck is a section of pipes going up & downstage in which we can hang or bridle. I know the maximum capacity of this deck. And the maximum load the individual section can have. I tried designing this deck using the “structural members” fuction. Changing the type of structure to a chord. But I would like to add a maximum allowable force to these chords. Like when using a “house rigging point” This would allow me to see what the actual load/force on the chord is when doing a Braceworks calculation. is this possible? Thanks for the help!
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