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Right Click Does NOT select intended Resource to edit (Bug)

Elite Exhibits


Mac OS 11.6.5  - Mac Book Pro - VW Designer 2022


You should be able to right-click on an item in the Resource Palette an pull down to the Edit option. This is traditionally what has worked.

VW 2022 - one now is required to click once to select the desired item, then right click to get the Edit option for the desired item.


¿ Extra step now required ?


Suggestions ?


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I am not seeing this behavior in my install of VW2022 SP3.


I also don't remember anyone else mentioning this bug before.


If you don't have SP3, please install that and see if the problem repeats.


If you have SP3 and still see the problem, please create a simple test file with just a few symbols and see if you can repeat the problem. I would like to figure out if it is a VW problem or a document problem.

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Updated VW

     Still happens ... Right clicking to edit or to apply


I use the track pad on the MacBook Pro and left  hand on the keyboard.

The video shows that, unless I click the resource first, then right click to edit, it edits what ever was selected (Often out of view). This is aggravating as I almost always apply / edit textures with a right click inside the Resource Browser.


¿ Something is not set right ?   Same drawing method dating back to

(even before ?) VW 2013

Mac OS 11.6.5  - MacBook Pro - VW Designer 2022

Suggestions ?



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What happens if you hold down the Control Key and click rather than right clicking?  


Control-Click was the way to get to the menus on single button apple mice for a long time.


And I am still not seeing what you are saying even when I use the trackpad.  Have you checked the trackpad settings in System Preferences? Do you run any software to "enhance" the trackpad?  Do you have any other input devices connected besides the trackpad and a mouse? If you have a mouse, does it have any driver or configuration software?

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Thanks as always ...



Pre Pandemic - MacBook Pro 2013 with VW/RW Designer 2013

Post Pandemic - MacBook Pro 2021 with VW/RW Designer 2022


I am slowly (painfully!) learning to click once to select, then right click. Amaizing how many time I apply the wrong texture with key strokes executed for years.



I do NOT utilize a mouse - I "right" click with the option key & track pad


See the attached - went to the 2013 MacBook Pro / VW 2013 and used the same approach with out any issues


¿ Possibly something with the MacBook Pro ?





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Probably.  Check the Trackpad setting for both machines and there is probably something set differently.


Or by any chance do you have "extender" software to enhance the trackpad on either machine?


Also, in the Keyboard System Preference pane, check the Modifier Keys... settings and make sure they are set the same.


For me, "Right click" has always been Control, not Option, so did you change that back in 2013 and didn't think to do so for the new machine?







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