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Data Visualisation (or something else) to alter label legends based on record values


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I would like to change the font colour of one of the fields of a label legend if the light it is attached to has a particular value in one of the user fields. I can see in the manual that Data visualisations do not apply to label legends.


I have already changed the pen colour of the light itself to the colour, but I woud like to also change the User field 1 (present in the label legend) text colour to the same colour. Within one drawing I am expecting to have a number of different values in the user field. One solution is to create several label legends and choose the appropriate one, but that seems a bit clunky! Ideally I would use one DV to colour both the light and the text field, but happy for it to be two separate DVs that I turn on together.


Is this a thing? Any suggestions?





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