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  1. Many thanks, will look into both of your suggestions. Grahics card is a Nvidia GeForce MX 150 which is not hugely powerful (not a proper independent graphics card)
  2. I've been playing around with the cable tool today to calculate cable run lengths etc. and found VW crashing very often, when I was ending a cable run that utilised several cable paths consecutively. Loving the tool, but not the crashing part! I'm not sure if having several cable paths that are consecutive is the best way to use the tool, but doing this in a new file worked fine with no issues, so I suspect there is a corrupt part of my existing file, which was made years ago and has come up through several versions of VW. However, all the cable paths and cable I used I put in today myself, not using any parts imported into the file from anywhere else. I've attached a file that contains just the cable paths that I copied out of my working file, which still shows the crashing behaviour. I have done the following, which always results in VW crashing: Start a cable run (32/1 type) where I have placed text on stage left, run round to where the cable paths join USC, attach to main cable route that goes over the roof and drops down behind the seating rake to racks that are underneath it. When I click to complete the cable, crashes. Start a cable (socapex) at the racks under the seating rake, drop onto the cable path that drops from the roof onto the lighting truss (text indicating this location), end it nearby. Completing cable crashes the program. Sometimes, running a cable using only one cable path crashes VW, but usually it is fine. For example, there is a 63/3 that starts SR and follows the single path all the way to the racks and that didn't cause an issue. Not sure whether this is a bug, or whether theres just some problematic item in my file that is breaking things. Also, I'm finding that the cable wont follow the truss properly, but I think I have read on other posts relating to the cable path tool that often truss created in older versions of VW doesn't behave very well with the cable path tool. Would appreciate if anyone has any experience of this and how they may have solved it. Cheers VW 22 SP3 (636848) HP Envy Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz 2.90 GHz 8GB RAM Windows 10 Home, 21H2 Cable path tool old.vwx
  3. Thanks, this works well, though it's a shame we cant affect the label legend with data vis, as that would be a lot simpler!
  4. I imported a symbol for a moving light from my template file into a file I am currently working on, which is a complete mess but I inherited it from someone else and I am slowly fixing it. When I edit the 2d symbol from the resource browser, it looks like I expect - specifically the movement radius uses the normal dashed line type, and has no fill. However, when I place the symbol in a drawing layer, the line type isn't displayed correctly, appearing as a solid line (whether its properties are by class or set manually within the 2d symbol) and the fill appears to be solid and white. In one of the symbols, the filled movement radius appears on top of the rest of the symbol, making it appear as a solid circle, though the rest of the geometry is there underneath, seen only when the mouse is hovered over. The file attached is the file I was working on with everything except the lights deleted and everything purged. I've spent a while trying to understand whats going on but haven't really made any progress. When I copy the symbol into a fresh empty file, the issue seems to go away and the symbols behave as expected, suggesting the problem lies within the file, but I have no idea what is wrong. Turning off or greying the movement radius has no effect on the drawing layer, but behaves as expected when editing the 2d symbol. Thanks in advance for anyones help! Problem.vwx
  5. I would like to change the font colour of one of the fields of a label legend if the light it is attached to has a particular value in one of the user fields. I can see in the manual that Data visualisations do not apply to label legends. I have already changed the pen colour of the light itself to the colour, but I woud like to also change the User field 1 (present in the label legend) text colour to the same colour. Within one drawing I am expecting to have a number of different values in the user field. One solution is to create several label legends and choose the appropriate one, but that seems a bit clunky! Ideally I would use one DV to colour both the light and the text field, but happy for it to be two separate DVs that I turn on together. Is this a thing? Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Many thanks - good spot. I hadn't quite understood the function of that checkbox until now.
  7. I'm trying to create a new symbol with an attached record. I have done this before, and just tested creating and using it in 2020, which works fine. In 2022 I can't make it work. I have simplified everything to try to find the problem, but no luck. The file below has a circle which I have turned into a symbol. I created a new record from an existing one and modified it - I thought this might be the problem, so I pulled an existing data record in without modifying it. There should be a text in the middle of the circle that displays the "weight" parameter of the record - I used the link text to record tool to make this. Opening the Edit 2D symbol shows the text, but inserted symbols do not show the text, nor a placeholder. They do have a record attached, which seems to work as expected in the OIP, with the exception of the text not showing up on the symbol. I suspect some bug, because I just did the exact same sequence of actions in 2020 and it works fine. Any help please? TIA https://1drv.ms/u/s!Av4RU7VvWoY12UUSXVlBzZj-dhr1
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