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So how can I reference records data in the OIP? In width or height for example. At the moment, every object has to have hard coded values in the OIP boxes. Marionette is total overkill for most tasks.


Here is what I mean: I might want to have all my bolts be "material thickness+nut+washer+tolerance" long. So if I change the material thickness i dont have to update every single bolt. Symbols can work, but only if all assemblies are the same.


Or maybe some simple scripting like putting height*0.5 into the width and have it follow if I change the height.




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The capaibility you are asking for does not currently exist in VW.


We will see what others say, but about the closest you are going to get in VW2022 will be to use worksheets so you can see all the instances of a certain object type and edit them at once or edit one and then copy/paste the value to the others.


The only other option is to create things via Marionette or Script that are smart enough to recognize when other objects change and and adjust themselves.



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On 1/18/2022 at 9:53 PM, Thomas Peters said:

Maybe the data manager will help you with this?

Here is a link to a great demo




@Pat Stanford Thats why I posted this in feature requests and not in trouble shooting 🙂

It seems to me that there is a gap between the functionality of the OIP and marionette.

Some basic scripting funtionality and a few global parameters would go a very long way to remedy a lot of repetetive tasks.


@Thomas Peters Intriguing but I am not allowed to see the link, no permission



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