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Spacing out objects by set distance?

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Good afternoon folks,


I'm wondering if this is possible. I'm creating a door schedule and to do so, I place copies of all the doors on their own DL and space them out with 36" between them. I then make an elevation VP and use that in conjunction with a worksheet to create the schedules. 


My question is, is there a way to space them out by 36" without having to do it one by one? The Align>Spacing command doesn't work as it adjusts the spacing from to even it out. If all the doors were the same width, a quick calculation would tell me that the string of doors would be X" + Y spaces of 36" and I could put the first and last door to those dimensions and hit the Align>Spacing. But doors are not all the same width, especially in renovations....


Any ideas?



- Dylan

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Distribute locus points and then drag the doors to match?


Put the first object where you want it. Guess and put a locus point about where you expect the final object to end. Select the doors and the locus point and Align/Distrubute-Spacing. Measure the spacing relative to what you want it to be and the number of spaces you need. Move the Locus Point by the change in spacing required multiplied by the number of spaces. Run Align/Distrubute again.


I don't know of a way to do this in base VW, but it is likely that someone has (or will) script this.



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