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stair breaks VW11


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In VW11, if you have a straight stair, the 2D stair break shows up at the second step, no matter how long the run is. We have some files imported from VW10 where the stair break seems to be in about the center of the stair. I like this better, but they keep changing length to the VW11 standard. Is there some way around this?

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the cool thing about VW 11's stairs is that you can drag the stair break to any part of the stair! just select the stair and grab the point at the center of the stair at the break line and drag away.. now you might have to update the objects if this is an old file- go to organize- 'update to V2 objects'...

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I need to get the stair break to work on a stair going down also but don't see how the flipping of the stair worked. I've tried all possible configurations but see the stairs in VW11.5 are still only configured to break properly when shown going 'up' from a floorplan. Any suggestions?

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For a straight run stair you can work around this issue as follows:

- Model your stairs in 3D as you normally would and adjust the stair break to about the 45% mark

- Duplicate in place the stair and uncheck the Create 3D option.

- Rotate through 180 degrees and Convert to Group

- Edit the Group of 2D lines created to adjust the arrow direction and the text.

A similar method can be used for mor complex stairs. At the uppermost level you would use the 2D component only.

If you want you can also then turn the resulting two stair components into a hybrid symbol.

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