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Spatial Referencing/GIS conversions/COGO

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Mr Flaherty you have done all real world VW users a major break if you have implemented in version 12 support for curved earth and georeferenced coordinates systems!!

Go the extra mile and contest AUTODESK Land Desktop module with an add on VW module!! We are having to use this dredful software for all earth moving design and construction projects!!

It would a great feature to offer direct IMPORT/EXPORT for Trimble Terrain Model (TTM) format file. Trimble Navigation has a SDK that they furnish freely to all CAD programs

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

LandMark 12 supports shape file import and export. We will project and deproject on import and export to maintain geo-referenceing information while working in VectorWorks. We provide degree coordinates (lat/long) which is mostly useful for use with Azimuth. Azimuth is a third party plug-in that lets you create maps with different projects. We don't provide any other coordinate and we don't provide COGO tools.

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Darick as you well know georeferenced positioning is a little more complicated than "supporting lat/lon degrees coordinates for mapping projects"

it takes GPS geographic coordinates system (WGS-84), grid coordinates system (UTM) and a geoid model support to have an accurate positioning that would allow designing, stakeout and construction of any land works.

If you check out Autocad Landesktop 2005 or 3D Civil 2006 (which I regretfully have to use due to VWL shortcomings in this area) you can see the huge difference in features

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Working with spatial data.

I recently purchased vectorworks 12, landmark. I work with spatial data in ArcGIS and believed that by using vectorworks landmark I could speed up the process of creating conceptual plans. therefore I need a program that can work with spatial data such as the shapefile and export it back as something ArcGIS can read.

The shapefiles that I have imported into VW, modified, and then exported back to shapefile have crashed ArcGIS.

I've noticed that this message thread has not been active since november, has anybody found a good resource or method for working with spatial data.

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I forgot to mention that GRASS from OpenOSX is major GIS program available for the MAC and it is compatible with ArcGis 9.x so check it out and see if it suits your work.

what geographic coordinate system are you using for your spatial data? 2D or 3D?

No datum support I assume since VW12.xx doesnt support any yet...

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