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    Class Naming

    Thanks. I will download and try this script out.
  2. I am translating a set of drawings into the dwg format for a structural engineer. I've created sheet layers that contain plans, sections, and elevations. The plans and sections seem to be usable as far as clarity when I re-import them back into VW 12.5 after exporting each sheet individually. However, the elevations are of concern because the walls rendered in the viewport as "hidden line" become trianglated in the dwg. The elevations are a mess, see attached images. For simplicity and time constraints I would like to find a method of exporting the sheet in dwg for AutoCAD users so that they can be opened and viewed as they appear on the VW Sheet layer. Is this something that I have to figure out a workaround for, as part of "dumbing down" a BIM project? Thanks
  3. mlau

    Class Naming

    Hello - I'm using a workgroup reference of a site survey in a building project in VW 12.5. The survey file has many classes assigned by the surveyor that are helpful to keep when using the WGR to create viewports in my building file. Is there a fast method to place a prefix in front of all the class names that are from the referenced survey such as "S-imported class name" or "SITE-imported class name"? How do I manage to keep WGR classes seperate yet still usable in a file? Thanks
  4. Has this wish-list item been adopted in VW 2008? I have not updated past VW 12.5.3.
  5. Is it possible to fit a wall to a stair object? Using the "fit wall to roof" command does not work with stair objects, although it does with other 3D objects. Thanks
  6. Islandmon - Thanks for the reply, great image, quite complex. How did you create the extrude path for the wall cap? I assume that you created the profile of the wall cap using a poly, then somehow extruded the profile along a path based on the existing wall form. My wall form is much more simple but it seems I could you use the same method that you have shown in the image.
  7. Here is an image, as you can see I have a cap atop some of the walls.
  8. I've created my building model largely without using complex 3d form modeling, (mostly using the PIOs and SketchUp imports). However, I'm running into an issue when creating a cast stone wall cap. I've created the cast stone wall cap to this point by drawing a polygon in top/plan then extruding the poly and then setting its elevation using standard view/right or left or front. This works fine until I have a slanted top of wall such is the case when the top of an exterior wall follows the angle of a stair. Ideally I would create a continous form that sits on top of the slanted wall using the wall itself as a guide for the extrude, but i'm pretty sure that this is not possible. I've tried the extrude along path command but the wall is not a usable object, and I have had no luck drawing a line that follows the profile of the wall in 3D. My question is whether I need to create a path for the "extrude along path" command, and if so how do I create this path in 3D? Or is there a different approach that i should try?
  9. When I uncheck the "turn on wall components" in the "Advanced Properties" settings for viewports the walls become white. Is there a way to get the walls to turn black using this method? Keep in mind that it is important for me to retain the option for wall component attributes to be set per wall component. In otherwords by turning off the wall components in a viewport gets me half way there, now if I could only turn the walls black without editing the wall style. Thanks.
  10. mlau

    SketchUp Importer

    The issue remains in all workspaces. I will contact TS. Thanks
  11. mlau

    SketchUp Importer

    Sorry about the confusion, I do understand now that VW does not support import of SU 6.0 files. However, the problem presists that I am having. When I go to Import > Import SketchUp, I do not get a browse menu to navigate to a file. I'm sure it has something to do with accidentally running the SU importer execute file that is available on your website. I have the latest version of VW 12.5.1. Is there a way to uninstall the SU plugin and then re-install it?
  12. mlau

    SketchUp Importer

    I removed the Sketchup importer from my workspace > saved the workspace > closed VW > reopened VW (checked to make sure SU importer was removed) > added SU importer back into workspace > saved workspace. Then I tried the process again File > import > import Sketchup. The importer still does not seem to be working. Is there anything else that you think I should try?Thanks
  13. mlau

    SketchUp Importer

    Katie - I actually have the SU importer in my workspace. The issue is that when I click on the "import Sketchup" command the file menu does not pop-up so that I can search for a file to import.
  14. I have installed VW 12.5.1 and mistakingly re-installed the downloadable SketchUp Importer from the VW website. Now when I go to Import/Sketchup from the VW file menu there is no pop-up dialog to find SU model. I assume I have broken something - How do I fix this? The problem that led me to re-installing the "InstallSketchUpImport1200.exe" file was that I was not having success importing SU 6.0 models. Does VW 12.5 support import of SU 6.0 models?
  15. I've created a section viewport of a multiple level building. I'm using the elevation benchmark tool in the annotation layer on the section viewport to denote floor elevations. I have the "Auto-Set Relative to Ref Elev" box checked. My question is how do I set the working plane so it locks unto one of the floor levels? I'm not sure how the elevations are being derived by the elevation benchmark tool in the section viewport, but as I move the viewport around in the sheet layer the floor level elevations change. Is there a way to set the working plane in a section viewport, and be able to move the viewport around with the auto-set box checked while retaining elevation values? - Thanks
  16. mlau

    Dimension Text

    Using the Constrained and Unconostrained Dimension tool, is there a way to set dimension text size and font? I'm mostly interested in changing the text from the default 8pt to a larger font size. Currently my workaround is to ungroup the dimension object then select the text and change font size. Is there anyway to accomplish this without ungrouping the object?
  17. I just read that the merger between Nemetscheck and Graphicsoft is complete, or at least there was a press release today. I think it would be of great value for VectorWorks to integrate some sort of capacity to model building energy consumption over time. Of all of the "green" building materials available, how does a person really know how the myriad choices of materials that create a so called efficient building truely affect the "ecological footprint" of the building? I'm using the term "ecological footprint" to mean the resource consumption to construct and that is inherent over the lifecycle of the building. In the US we use LEED, (leadership in energy and environmental design) as a checklist for increased energy-efficiency in buildings and now neighborhoods, (LEED - ND). I am currently working on a project that will be submitted for LEED for Buildings, and LEED - ND approval, and so have done some research on the subject of energy modeling. Although I did not find much, I found an interesting person by the name of Georg Reinberg who I plan to research more indepth. He was part of the Austrian effort in sustainable design that brought them further ahead in the subject then most of the world. He is currently in the Building Sciences Department at Virginia Tech and may be a good contact on the subject.
  18. Thanks for the input. After some trial and error I've had success using the WGR and layer linking. However, there is one issue I'd like to resolve. For the sake of simplicity I have two files: 1) building model file with the origin set at (0,0). 2) Site model file with real-world coordinates, (which is important because I need to import survey info directly into this model/file as it becomes available.) The issue I am having is happening when I have created the WGR with "ignore user source origin" selected. What is happening is that I create the WGR in the site model file, select "ignore user source origin", and select "create layer link on.." The WGR is placed at (0,0) in the site model file. I then drag all of the objects that are in the WGR and place them in their real-world location. However, when the WGR is updated all objects on the non layer link layers are back at the building model origin, (0,0). The layer link remains in it's real-world location, (where it was placed before updating the WGR), so I'm halfway there. What I want to do is have all objects on all layers of the WGR remain where I have placed them when the WGR is updated. Is the "ignore user source origin" option only apply to layer links? Shouldn't all of the layers of a WGR remain where they are placed if "ignore source user origin" is selected?
  19. Thank you Peter Cipes and Mike M OZ. I think the layer link is what I need to experiment with. Sounds like Mike has worked through a similar issue to what I am having. Peter, to be clear about what I am trying to accomplish is that I have multiple duplications of the same building on site. My thought is that I create a symbol of the building, and as we work through the schematic design and the building evolves I only update one building instance, (symbol), and all other instances are then updated automatically. To make a long story short I want to figure out how to minimise redundant work since we are not ready to detail out each building and reptition is acceptable.
  20. Coverting a building model to a 3D symbol I find that the model layer Z value is lost and all PIOs are moved to the Z value of the new layer the symbol is created on, (all objects are moved to the same plane). I assume this because a symbol can only have a single layer, therefore the PIOs use the symbol layer's Z value. Does this mean that if I convert a building that has multiple model layers to a 3D symbol that I have to manually specify the Z value of each object in space? Or is there a method to keep the relative Z heights of the objects when converting to a symbol? Thanks a million, (hours), for any help on this issue.
  21. I've noticed that some window manufactures such as Marvin offer their entire product line as 3D CAD symbols. From the Marvin website there is a download that allows for updating of the Archtectural Desktop (AutoCAD) symbol "catalog". I think the process is that when the file is downloaded from the manufactures website, in AutoCAD you can simply find the downloaded file and update the window catalog. Is it possible to update the Vectorworks window PIOs in a similar manner? Here is a link to the site that I'm speaking of: Marvin Window 3D Symbols
  22. Hello List, Is there a way to get faces of 3D polygons back after importing dwg with 3D geometry into VW? VW breaks polygons into triangular pieces that are hard to work with. I'm creating simple massing models in SketchUp, (buildings) and exporting to dwg. I do not want to use the SketchUp plugin because I also need to export the 3D models back out of VW for users with AutoCAD, and do not want to assign thickness to "walls" and "floors". My objective is to figure out how to keep polygonal faces intact when importing dwgs with 3D objects into VW.
  23. hello, I've imported a dwg successfully into VW and the coordinate extents are correct. For example, one of my site boundry points is x=2355661' y=358798' in VW as well as my GIS program, (projected in a State Plane coordinate system.) This coordinate point is located in South Carolina. The problem I am having is that when I export the same file, as dwg, with same extents VW seems to change the coordinate system. Therefore I can not place the data correctly in its real-world location. The same coordinate mentioned above, after export from VW to dwg, becomes x=28276649 y=4295733. Off enough to take me from South Carolina to central Africa, (using a State Plane projection) Can anyone explain to me if and how VW projects geographic data when exporting as dwg or dxf, I'm using Architect. thank you
  24. I have a 3d model of a building in VW 12.0.1. I need to generate exterior elevations but now realize that I cannot adjust the line weight of the 3d objects when in 3d views. Do elevations have to be created in 2d to adjust line weight? The challenge I am having is that I would like to use the 3d model to generate elevations, but I also need to adjust line weight. For example I would like use dashed lines for foundation walls in elevation view. VW 12.0.1
  25. I installed the plugin. There is a pdf file with instructions at the SketchUp website on the precedure for importing Sketchup files. The last step of installing the plugin is adding the import sketchup tool to your workspace. While you're there checkout the thriving user community and how involved the SketchUp people are in the user forums. It would be nice if nemetschek were half as involved. The tech request forms get answered, it just takes 1-2 weeks. -new vectorworks user, 12.0.1


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