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  1. I'm having the same problem. VW Tech says it works on thieir's . Did you find a fix?
  2. 2015 and still no fully functional Swept Path Analysis Tool? What's the hold up?
  3. Does anyone know if/how to group hatches or symbols into folders in the Resource Browser or anywhere else for that matter? I frequently get DWG files from architects and engineers with hundreds of hatches and symbols that I hate to continually scroll through and just want to stick them in a folder.
  4. Jim W. Any updates or hope you can offer on a Swept Path Analysis tool?
  5. Its not working for me or is it..... It seems to export ok (.3ds file size 692bytes) but when I try to import .3ds into a new VW file (either as 3d mesh or groups as 3d polygons) I get what is shown in the second image after rendering. Shouldn't it import back into VW ok? I cant seem to attach the .3ds file but it is there and the VW jpg texture and mask are there too.
  6. Thanks barkest I'll give it a go.
  7. is there anyway to export a 3D object to SketchUp (say a 3D plant symbol or any 3D object)?
  8. problem solved. This tool is quite primitive and would not work for displaying a swept path of a particular vehicle in a formal drawing. Maybe somewhat useful in the design though.
  9. It would be really nice to select all my parking spaces and have them total. I could class them as to ACC, or compact or standard and quickly add them up by selecting all of one class.
  10. We really need a fully functional swept path analysis plug-in that allows you to select from a list for vehicles (or create your) and plot a path through a parking area or community. It needs to allow for and plot backing maneuvers, etc. For my own purposes it does not need to animate the movement or plot at speed but others have mentioned this. Please help. I would gladly pay a reasonable amount $250 for a added componetn if that's what it took. Thank you.
  11. I'm not able to get the vehicle or swept path to display with this tool...just the path centerline. Any secrets?
  12. Bricsturn, Simtra, Autoturn and Siteops all have good examples, For our purposes, basically we need to be able to create a path of compound and reverse curves through a parking lot or neighborhood of streets, using a selected vehicle (e.g. WB50, etc.). If the selection of vehicles is not comprehensive we need to be able to create custom ones. We need to then display the swept path limits and display/plot in 2D that "swept path" along with the vehicle at select positions. After that its all bells and whistles. Backing maneuvers are definitely a plus. Animation, well now that would be the best but non-essential. Any help is much appreciated. I would happily contribute to a 3rd party effort but can't justify a second CAD program. Accuracy, say 1' +/-
  13. Does anyone know of a Swept Path Analysis Software that would work with Vector Works or one that doesn't require the purchase of a second CAD program? We need a Swept Path Analysis component to Landmark. Please look at Bricsturn or Transoft Simtra for examples. Its very difficult too design site plans or urban communities and demonstrate adequate vehicular movements without it. Now I have to export to DWG and go find someone with AutoCAD and AutoTurn to run an analysis. 2D static templates just don't cut it anymore. Please help by responding to this with suggestions and idea so we can move it up the priority list for VW. I understand I'm not the first to request it.
  14. I can't seem to get BricsTurn to run without BricsCad. Are you saying it should be able to run stand alone?
  15. Thanks for the replies above.....I'll pledge the first $250.00 USD for someone willing to develop/convert/adapt some basic 2D Swept Path Analysis software to integrate with VectorWorks. It would need to provide the basic functionality of AutoTurn Standard or Bricsturn
  16. Does anyone knows of a plug-in or stand alone software that provides Swept Path Analysis for truck movements...other than AutoTurn or Bricscad?
  17. I am needing to get proficient on the art of georeferencing and Graticule tool in VW2012. Does anyone know of a YouTube Tutorial or someone proficient in this skill that can help me? Specifically I'm trying to georeference some maps i'm creating and export a kmz file (trail) to an interactive Google map. Any help or guidance is much appreciated. Version - VW 2012
  18. Included below was Vector Works Response. While I have had the highest regards for VW since I began using it I can't help but feel abandoned on this one. Scott, At this point this is outside the scope of the tech support we can provide since it would be involving a 3rd party product that we cannot support. Vectorworks only uses a rudimentary FileMaker-licensed viewer and it?s database format. If you have someone helping you with a copy of FileMaker though, you can have them try resaving the file as whatever the default format is, then changing the extension on the newly saved file to .USR and seeing how Vectorworks handles it. There also may be other export options in FileMaker that may work as well but, as I stated above, we have no copies here to test with. However, it is good to hear you find the correct plant database and your work has not been lost. Best of luck, Daniel Bremehr Technical Support Specialist Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. 7150 Riverwood Drive Columbia, MD 21046 USA
  19. My hero! - I will send it to VW and see if they can't help me recapture it. Thanks you
  20. Over the past several years I had been using the "Save a Copy As" tool in the File Menu to save a copy of my Plant Records that I had populated with thousands of pictures and edits to create the "perfect" Plant Database. Shame on me for not checking. When I looked I saw copies of files and updates that were growing in size (84 MB at last count). Then one day (in VW 2008) I found I couldn't search in VW Plants as I had been doing where I would check "my favorites" and then check "shrubs" and presto all my favorite shrubs would appear with their pictures. ....so I upgrade to VW 2012 to get some tech help and to no avail. None of my USR files can be opened.... over 7 years of work ...lost. I now do not trust that "save a copy as" operation and want others to BEWARE. of course I have multiple copies of my worthless USR files in case anyone needs some.... whats in these files and how can it be that I can't open them? If anyone knows a trick on how to rescue any of my 50+ USR files it would be worth a lot to me. Please let me know. Below is a link to one of the USR Files. http://mbf.me/j5kfE
  21. I don't have anything at this address C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek.... I do have C:\Program Files\VectorWorks 2008\Plant Database\VW Plants\... So I created the location you defined and copied my latest USR file into it and then directed it under "Choose VW Plants" to go to that location. Even though it shows it pulling in my favorites (as it scrolls when opening VW Plant Database) it still doesn't seem to have any of my plants with pictures. It must have cooupted or lost something. Can I re-install VW Plants Database without re-installing the whole program or would this even help? BTW my USR file is 84MB so I know the info is in there.
  22. Thanks so much. I have many copies (probably too many) but am not sure how to tell VW Plants Database how to reference the particular USR file. Sorry to wear you out on this but I can't seem to understand what is probably very obvious.
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