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Slab Materials Hatch Display in Plan View



I sure wish slab components could display hatch patterns in plan view the same way walls display them in elevation. Then slab finishes like, tiles, wood flooring, concrete stipple, etc. could be part of the slab and not have to be a 2D polygon added over top as a work-around....

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I'm not sure I understand what you mean. You can give a slab a hatch fill in Top/Plan via the Attributes palette if it's unstyled or if it's styled via the 'Slab Attributes' settings. Or do you mean when you turn off the top component you want to see a different hatch for the next component underneath?

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1 minute ago, Flair-Studio said:

When I apply a material to the top slab component, the texture shows in 3d view but then the associated hatch doesn't show in plan


That's because the surface hatch is 3D only: you will only see it in 3D Hidden Line views. You need to apply a separate 2D hatch for Top/Plan views via the 'Slab Attributes' settings (Definition tab > Edit Slab Attributes...) - either by style or by class. In Top/Plan you are seeing the Slab itself (as defined by the container class) rather than the individual components.

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