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Object Info Pallet gone away

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1. Have you quit VW and restarted?

2. If a restart did not fix it, it is possible that the OIP has somehow gotten outside of the screen window. With VW open, try setting your screen resolution to something really low like 640x480 or 1024x768. This should force all windows into the active screen area. Then set the resolution back to your preferred setting.


Ask again if these don't help.

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Tried all three suggestions and still no joy in 'my' workspace. If I switch to another workspace such as the default Architect, all the pallets work as expected but I'm (nearly) lost otherwise because things/menus/etc aren't where I'm accustomed.

I originally customized from one of the default workspaces, but it was probably back in v8 or something. I've modified it to suit my workflow gradually since and hoping to not have to start over. Of course 😉

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Thanks, Pat, for weighing in.


No, I'm running current hard- and software. Just been a minute since I updated my profile.


We've never been able to track the core problem(s) down. Luckily, I'd shared my workspace with a colleague who'd done only minor modications. I had her send me a copy which works as expected. Solved my problem and I'm back in business.
Now for the weird part: when I sent her the 'broken' workspace from my system, it works fine on hers. When she sends it back, it's still broken on mine. (yes, we renamed the file each time so we could keep track of it)

Maybe somethings are better left a mystery?

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