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Set Layer and Class


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I probably should have been more definitive in my first post.

I am looking for a method the set the layer and class to control subsequent operations; such as placing a wall or a dimension. In a drawing that already contains an object such as a dimension it would be helpful to have a command to set the layer and class for example to say ?class = dimensions? and ?layer = sheet-floor-plan-1? for the placement of dimensions by clicking on an existing dimension.

This would be similar to the set layer command in autocad.

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Hi Richard, I'm not quite sure what you mean (having never used autocad) but did you know that if you de-select everything (in other words your OI palette shows no object), then change the layer or class pulldown (up on top of your drawing window) to "your choice", then each subsequent object you create will be placed in the layer or class called "your choice"?


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I just post a script that will switch layers/classes on a right click or a shortcut depending on how you set up the plug-in. You still need to select your options, but should save you some moussing arround. Is quite easy to set up some personal options adding some personal procedures.

Have a look on the vectorscript area.

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Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but you can set a default class for plug-in objects using the "Create Plug-in ..." command under the "Organize" menu heading.

Sounds like you are looking for a way to automatically assign class and layer attributes to certain kinds of objects. While that might be desirable if you are working in a certain way, I'd have to say that is an AutoCAD approach. If you had never used ACAD and started out fresh in VectorWorks, it might not have occurred to you to organize things in that particular way. The great power of having two ways to categorize things (layers AND classes) is that you can cut across both systems - i.e., you might have dimensions with different class attributes residing on the same layer to set up different displays. A uniform system for assigning class and layer tends to work counter to that kind of flexibility. That said, if setting defaults were optional, there's no harm in it.

Some of us have been upset by the trend at NNA to automatically assign (and create!) classes as part of the operation of various plug-ins, which plays havoc with our layer and class visibility settings. The whole idea of pre-packaged layer and class schemas is an attempt to manage this problem, but it is leading us down the road towards the bureaucratic nightmare faced by AutoCAD users!

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Saw your discussion and wondered if you could help.

I have been using the VW10.x on Mac OSX since May last year, and I have experienced a number of problems with simple tasks.

When I use the dropper tool it locks-up and/or crashes my VW. It is so annoying as firstly, i'm not trying to pick attributes from any complex objects such as text or walls etc. Secondly, this is a very important tool for my work and i am unable to use it.

I wondered if anyone know of a remedy to this problem?? [Frown][Confused]

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