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VWX Crashes when trying to use Spotlight Numbering tool

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Hi all


Having an issue where when selecting Spotlight Numbering tool from the menu crashes Vectorworks. 


This issue occurs on both Catalina (Intel -based Mac) and Big Sur (M1 Based Mac).


I can't seem to find a solution. Any help greatly appreciated




Under Milk Wood - V1 MDH TEst.vwx

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OK - So you need to make a selection of lighting devices prior to Spotlight Numbering - Forgetting to make a selection first is causing the crash. You can use 'Manual' by not making a selection first...


Just looking into this now...


OK so when I opened the file I noticed that the layer options were set to 'Show, Snap, Modify others'


When you ran the command, Spotlight Numbering was seeking every lighting device on the drawing (All 429 of them) my hardware which is average struggled to execute this. As a general workflow tip you should usually work in Grey, Snap Others.


This stops the crashing, If you have to work across multiple layers at the same time then make irrelevant layers invisible.

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Thanks Tom. I will try this with the team this morning.



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Posted (edited)

That worked great thank you. 

Just out of curiosity is this expected behaviour as 429 devices doesn't seem that many in the grand scheme of things. 

is it just a processing limit of the machines we are using?


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I think it is expected behaviour, you would never want to manually number 429 lighting devices! This is probably why no one has stumbled across this before.


Better hardware may help but training everyone up would be cheaper than buying new machines.


Get in touch with us if you would like information on our training course options.

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That’s great! Thanks for the update. I’ll forward on the training suggestion. 

thanks again for the assistance!

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