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  1. @Jesse Cogswell- `that's excellent thank you for the info. That was indeed the issue. Much appreciated
  2. It would be great that when you apply data visualisation it is also applied within the schematic view. Eg. I have a a Visualisation for unused lights, (It highlights them in RED.) This does not apply within the Schematic view however. In addition to this - It would be great to have schematic of positions take have the same level of Layer control as Hanging positions. Eg. I have a Lighting Ladder (a vertical Position in 3D), I create a schematic of this position and insert my Fixtures accordingly. Some of these fixtures are Unused for a particular show, I would like to be able to move the fixtures from the schematic to this Layer and turn it off. At the minute if I change the Layer of one fixture it turns off the entire position. Thanks M
  3. Hi All I have drawn a new position and and trying to give the Name or 'CIRCLE'. However, every time that I input this name into the relevant column it is coming uo as 'CIRCLE-2'. This is no doubt because I have recreated the position but I cannot seem to locate where this original position is. Any info to assist would be very much appreciated thanks in advance M
  4. Hi All I am having an issue where I have a number of Schematic views of positions on a Layer. I have a number of Lights on these schematics which form part of a Basic Installed rig. I am trying to move a couple of the lights on to a "Unused" Layer but every time I do this it moves the Schematic position and the Fixtures attached to it to the Unused layer. Is this expected Behaviour? Is there a workaround so that I can choose the visibility that I require. Thanks in advance VWX 2021 SP4 Mac OS 11.4
  5. Here is another file that the issue is occurring on thanks] M D-LX-Dorfman Basic v2021.vwx
  6. Hi Juan Thank you for your reply. I have sent file via Wetransfer for you. thanks M Lyttleton Basic v2021.vwx
  7. I'm currently using 2021 SP4 and am having an issue where when I export to a previous version of VWX it crashes the programme. This also was happening on SP3. I have tried exporting to 2017, 2018 and 2019 but the same issue occurs. This happens no matter what file I am using. Any assistance would be very much appreciated thanks M
  8. Hi @klinzey - a full reboot of the system appeared to have solved the issue. I did t get a chance to log the bug report but I will do on Monday when I get back to the office on Monday.
  9. Hi All I've just updated to SP4 and data exchange with Lightwright is now not working. I am getting an error of " You need to do a 'Complete export on exit'. Even when I do a complete export it keeps popping up with the same error message. Any help very much appreciated. I have also posted on the LW forum thanks M
  10. Hi All is there a way to auto assign video object for instance in the same way that I can auto assign truss objects (With a prefix set within the document settings options) I have a template file based off of the VWX UK Template. I have the truss object prefix set up and would like to do similar for video objects such as projectors and cameras. Mainly to keep my class structure tidy so I don't have to spend time reassigning. Just wondering if this is possible. thanks M
  11. @Rob Books Thanks for the update. Will br great to get them! thanks M
  12. Hi All, Im sure this is a long shot but has anyone got symbols for the new Series 3 Source 4 Lustr as of yet? I have submitted a fixture request. thanks M
  13. It would depend on your budget however the new M1 MacBooks run v2021 pretty well for 2d drawings (I haven't done much 3d yet on the M1s). Most of the MacBook Pros from the last couple of years are good. Check the current Tech specs tho here: - https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq
  14. Hi All I am getting this pop up every time I try to insert a new fixture in to my drawing. If I renumber it I can carry on with what I am doing. Any idea why this is occurring. It is only happening on this particular drawing and I can't seem to locate the issue.. thanks in advance M
  15. That’s great! Thanks for the update. I’ll forward on the training suggestion. thanks again for the assistance!
  16. That worked great thank you. Just out of curiosity is this expected behaviour as 429 devices doesn't seem that many in the grand scheme of things. is it just a processing limit of the machines we are using?
  17. Thanks Tom. I will try this with the team this morning.
  18. Hi all Having an issue where when selecting Spotlight Numbering tool from the menu crashes Vectorworks. This issue occurs on both Catalina (Intel -based Mac) and Big Sur (M1 Based Mac). I can't seem to find a solution. Any help greatly appreciated thanks M Under Milk Wood - V1 MDH TEst.vwx
  19. Hi Tom Thanks for the reply. As I rule I reference by path. I have followed your other steps also however have come up with the same issue where it is asking to manually locate the file. Could this possibly be a Mac thing with OneDrive? Thanks M
  20. I have ran into an issue where a colleague opens a file that I have saved on Shared OneDrive Show Folder and the reference is broke. The file references a set drawing (in a sub-folder of my LX Folder). The set drawing DWG was referenced with "Path relative to current document" selected, however when it is opened the path seems to be on My one drive folder (/Users/mharpur/National Theatre/Afterlife - Documents/LX/01 LX Plan/02 Set Drawings). Just wondering if this is expected behaviour or I am missing something/doing something wrong. I am keen to keep referencing as the DWG currently changes every couple days and my programmer and myself also need to edit the file.\ Any suggestions appreciated thanks
  21. Since posting this I have since found that in Lightwright there is the X. Y and Z position within the Worksheet columns menu. This was definitely one of those "I know its possible" momnets thanks all
  22. I am wondering if there is a way to export the X, Y and Z values to Lightwright using Data Exchange as I can't see a way to do this. Alternatively is the a good workflow for this? I essentially am looking to have this information available within an instrument schedule in Lightwright to assist with rigging bars/trusses etc. Thanks M
  23. Do you have a "Style" selected when using the Pipe tool. If you're using Line insertion mode and have "Unstyled" within the dropdown menu you should be able to change the size of the pipe then set your Object Properties M
  24. I have come up with a issue where I have attached a number of S4 Lustrs to a Straight Truss Object. The Fixtures are attached to the position, however they are not taking the position name (FOH 1 in this case) When I manually give the name to the fixtures the Lighting symbols become detached from the truss position. Strangely I can assign the Position name in Lightwright and this does not detach the lights from the truss and also assigns the names correctly. Any help greatly appreciated. M
  25. Thats Great Mark Thank you Ill check it out!
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