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Modify duplicated worksheet

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I have a very simple take-off worksheet that counts the number of Framing Member items on a specific design layer. I duplicate the worksheet, rename it, then go into the database criteria to change the Layer to a new design layer. However, the change doesn't seem to stick: the new worksheet still counts the items from the original design layer.

If I want to save changes in a spreadsheet cell, I click the green checkmark. Is there something similar I'm missing that triggers a 'save' in the database criteria window?

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If you are duplicating the Worksheet Image on the drawing, you are not duplicating the worksheet.


Try duplicating the worksheet in the Resource Manager and then putting an image of that worksheet on the drawing. That should get you two separate worksheets that you can individually set the criteria for.


If you are putting both images on the same Design Layer or Sheet Layer, you can just put a second database into the same worksheet as another possibility.



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I'm running VW20.

I duplicate the Framing Take-Off worksheet in the RM, rename it, then bring an image of the duplicated copy right onto the Design Layer (for now). See that it's still counting a 2x10 from the Framing Layer AND all the decking from this layer.




I open the Database Criteria and see that it's set to the DeckSurface layer but still counting framing from the Structure layer. (other than the one 2x10, the Structure layer is empty)



I click More Choices and further restrict the criteria to Framing Members. Then click OK which closes the Criteria window.




I then select Edit-Recalculate Active Worksheet and... nothing changes. I reopen the Database Criteria window to discover the parameters have reverted back to where I started. I'm obviously missing something!






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Do you realize you have both Row 2 and Row 3 set to be Database rows? I think you are editing Row 2 and then looking at the results in Row 3 the next time.


Try going to the Worksheet View menu and selecting (Check) the Database Headers option. This should show you Row 2 and Row 3 (Not 2.1, 3.1, 3.2, etc.)

Right click in the Row 3 header and select Edit Criteria for that row. It should stick.


Right click in the Row 2 header and select Spreadsheet (instead of Database) for the row type and you should be set.

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