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Constrain movement of 3d object?

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When I move a 3D object in the screen plane, I often find that it makes unwanted jumps in the plane perpendicular to the screen plane as it snaps on to some geometry.


For example: I move an object in the front view and snap it onto the edge of some other object. When I inspect it in top view, it has moved to a different position in the Y-direction.


I did not want this to happen.


Can I activate some constraint to stop this from happening?


Can I use a different procedure without too much extra effort?


Please advise, if you have a solution.

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You can try the "T" key while an helper Axis is active.

That should lock movements to that Axis.


Beside there were lots of discussions over a decade

that it would be useful to prevent Objects from relocating

in the 3rd dimension that you can't control in an

Orthogonal View.

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