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Tiles - Appearing too feint when at smaller scales



Hi, I've started using Tiles for textures using line/polygon pattern blocks I have created. They seem to print fine at say 1:5, but at smaller scales like 1:100, they do not appear, or are far to feint to be seen. Is there a fix to this? I have seen some posts relating to this from some time back but I cant find a fix. Help appreciated, thank you!

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I had the same issue and figured out it was a scale/dpi ratio issue. 


See bellow :


scale 1:200 / 300 dpi --> ok 

 TILE 200 300dpi.pdf



scale 1:200 / 1200 dpi --> ok 

TILE 200 1200dpi.pdf



scale 1:500 / 300 dpi --> solid grey 

TILE 500 300dpi.pdf



scale 1:500 / 1200 dpi --> ok 

TILE 500 1200dpi.pdf



Mind these settings : 

- Layout raster setting 

- File>Print raster setting 

- File>Export To Pdf "Convert Pdf To Image" and "File Size Reduction" settings 

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