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Some of the ConnectCAD tools are missing in VW2021


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Some of the ConnectCAD tools are missing in VW2021.  The tools appear as red X's as shown in the first photo.  If I try and use the tool I get the error message shown below.  I see ConnectCAD plugin data if I go to the folder in both /Programs/Vectorworks and /AppData/Roaming/Vectorworks.  Restarting vectorworks or changing workspaces does not fix this.



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Hey sbecraft,


they have been reworked merged into a several tools.

It seems, that you are using an older Workspace.

Take the new connectCAD.vww (maybe reset your userfolder) and you will see these tools.


The new tools have the same functionality, but you need to change them in the method bar.


Attached, how it should look.




Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-29 um 16.18.31.png

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

That looks to me like you are using and out-of-date workspace. If you look in your user app folder /Users/<your name>/Library/Application\ Support/Vectorworks/2021/Workspaces/ you will likely find a file ConnectCAD.vww. Delete this and restart Vectorworks and I think it will be fine.

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