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Vectorworks 2021 Palette Menu Issues



When accessing palette menu the first two items, Snapping & Attributes show and work as expected.


When selecting Object Info, Working Planes opens.

When selecting Working Planes, Resource Manager opens. 

When selecting Resource Manager, nothing happens.

Likewise with Navigation and Visualization, nothing happens.


At this point I can't access the OIP, Navigation and Visualization panels at all. Any thoughts out there?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi everyone,


This is an issue that will occur if you are using a 2020 workspace directly in 2021 without migrating the workspace.  I would highly recommend either migrating the workspace or customizing a new 2021 workspace as a starting point.


There were some changes made to the palette menus for 2021, so if you use a 2020 workspace directly some of the menu items will open the incorrect palettes because the internal menu ID's are pointing to the wrong things.  You can also correct this in your workspace by going into the workspace editor, removing the menu item entries for the palettes from the right side, and re-adding them from the left side. 


But I would still recommend always migrating your old workspaces, it will be a better experience.


Best Regards,


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19 minutes ago, Ian Lane said:

migrating the workspace or customizing a new 2021 workspace as a starting point.


I learned the lesson the hard way that creating a new workspace, rather than migrating, is worth the time & effort.  Corrupt workspaces can cause strange crashes, and the migration process adds risk of corruption.

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