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  1. Hi Roland, I have been having the exact issue as well. It started with 2023 and has continued through SP1 and SP2. My setup is similar to yours, v2023, MacBook Pro, M1 Max chip, Mac Ventura 13.0.1. For myself nearly all of my details become unreadable as the callouts get huge. See attached, left image is before and right image is after. I too have found the workaround is to ungroup any symbol but this results in the loss of the symbol functionality. Sorry to say but I am glad you reached out, at least this is not a singular case. Anyone out there who has some suggestions?
  2. Hi Pat, I did not realize until yesterday you provided this script. Thank you and my apologies for not getting back to you sooner! I have tried to get this to work for me but without success. I am not well versed in scripting so I may be doing something inaccurately. The result I get is always zeros. From the debugger there seems to an error in the script and it's beyond me. Were you able to get it to work? Other than driving me batty, there's no urgency. If you have a moment to check it out that would be awesome. I have included the file I have been working with, let me know if you need any additional info. Thanks again for your time! Don Worksheet Same Value Test.vwx
  3. Thank you Pat. File attached. I have trying to do this for a long time without success. It would be great to automate if possible. Worsheet Test.vwx
  4. Can data be transferred to a custom record format automatically? I am trying to use the Manage Database tool to move data from a record (valve or hydrozone) to another record created using a new record format tied to a database. This approach is challenging and I have not had success. The goal is to be able to use the collected data in a worksheet for various calculations. I have tried manipulating worksheets but it seem the object types don’t work together. Presently I manually fill in the info from the object record into a custom record. Very tedious and time consuming. Any collective thoughts?
  5. I have been using that exact computer since 2017 and it works great for my needs. With occasional giant files (500 mb±) it bogs down a bit during some processing but otherwise is a great machine. Rendering time is okay but can be irritating when waiting for something to happen. Also using programs like Bluebeam is not easy as it is no longer supported on the Mac platform. Kind of peculiar since Nemetschek is the developer for Vectorworks and Bluebeam, go figure. If the machine you are looking at is affordable and less than a new iMac I would go fo it.
  6. Thanks for diving in! For me, this issue is only in v2021. V2020 works accurately. Even though I hoped v2021 would be trouble free, I at least can use v2020 to do the work I need to.
  7. Here's a curious issue with Landmark 2021. When I create a drip area the flow goes off the chart when I create a branching drip area. A snaking drip area has a more accurate flow calc but the PSI required is crazy high. Attached is a screenshot showing the issue. I have reported this to VWX but have not heard any response. This is a big enough issue for me that I can't use 2021 for irrigation. Most of the irrigation here in California is now drip, mostly in-line drip tubing. Fortunately this is not the case with 2020. Any thoughts on this?
  8. Thanks for that. I was able to regain functionality by using the Migration Manager. Always learning. All good now.
  9. When accessing palette menu the first two items, Snapping & Attributes show and work as expected. When selecting Object Info, Working Planes opens. When selecting Working Planes, Resource Manager opens. When selecting Resource Manager, nothing happens. Likewise with Navigation and Visualization, nothing happens. At this point I can't access the OIP, Navigation and Visualization panels at all. Any thoughts out there?
  10. Hi Pat, Thanks for the reply. The file is attached. If the intent is not clear let me know and I will elaborate further. Thanks MAWA Reporting In-Progress.vwx
  11. Thanks, all I can say is me too. Pat, are you out there?
  12. Hi, It's curious (but I am a newbie). When setting the criteria (Type is Valve, then Type is Hydrozone), the worksheet does not seem to allow for calculations between the two types. Attached is a screenshot of data I am trying to work with.
  13. When working with worksheets within a report I have hit a road block which seems like there must be a simple solution. Basically I have been trying to get the data attached to an irrigation valve (flow) to perform a calculation with other data from a hydrozone (area) or a design zone, or drip outlet zone. The bottom line is I would like to multiply the flow rate in gpm times the area of a hydrozone. Simply multiplying the data base header cells does not work. I have attempted referencing the data base header cell in secondary worksheet but all I get is the sum total of all the individual area records. I have been trying to use hydrozones because I also need percentage of total landscape as part California’s Water Efficiency Landscape Ordinance and the calculation I need will provide precipitation rates. I would hope this can be achieved with a single worksheet. I am able to do what I need using custom Record Formats attached to the valve or hyrdrozone but the data entry is painful and tedious. One thought is, is there a way to get Record Formats to automatically read the associated data? There may be other workarounds I am not aware of. Any thoughts or direction would be greatly appreciated.
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