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container class

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Michael, 30 MB is too large for an email

Most email systems will automatically chop emails once they are over a particular size. Some as low as 5 MB. My limit is 10 MB and I use the third biggest provider in Australia. Many don't tell either the sender or recipient that this has occurred.

Try compressing the file with Winzip or something similar before you email it. It is always best to do this anyway as it reduces the likelihood of the file being corrupted in the email process by the transmission process or virus scanning.

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Michael - you don't by any chance have 'Save Viewport Cache' on in the Document Preferences.

Having this preference on increases the file size substantially. Turn it off and you will see the difference in the file size. Whenever I need to email a VW file I turn this preference off before compressing the file.

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It has actually been a little over a month since this problem was introduced to us. As you can see, the engineer has gotten on here to find some more information about the problem.

As you know, there have not been any updates to VW since the time this problem was posted here and this last post.

As soon as the problem is fixed in the software, you will see it in the release notes of the update.

We do not issue pathces for individual items, just as most software vendors do not issue individual patches for single items.

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We had never received anything from whomever you sent the file to. I can only go by what we in Tech Support in the USA have seen. This message board post is the first I (and the rest of the dept) had heard of the problem.

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Perhaps you should speak to your colleagues, ie Nathan Hager who sent us this reply:


Each class has default settings assigned at creation. The settings in the <<container Class>> are no different then any other class. As far as why the polyline is not filled on the drawing but printed out filled I am not sure. It was possibly a function of the printer trying to interpret the vector based data. Printing vector based data is vastly different then printing a text document or a webpage. The process does depend on the printer to interpret what some of the data truly is. In this case the printer, for whatever reason, thought the polyline was a solid object and not just a line.

Thank you!

Nathan Hager

Tech Support Specialist

Nemetschek North America

(410) 290-5114



-----Original Message-----

From: NNA Tech Support [mailto:tech@nemetschek.net]

Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2006 9:11 AM

To: nhager@nemetschek.net

Subject: Fwd: container class?

-----Original Message-----

From: "michael j williams" <michael@mjwarchitects.com>

To: <tech@nemetschek.net>

Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 13:37:38 -0000

Subject: container class?

Hi Katie,

Please find attached the file relating to the post below. Please note that I have saved the drawing since the container class attributes were set to no fill and so they may need to be changed back to solid (white) in order to get the result mentioned below.

Many thanks


'what is <<container class>> - a new class that has added itself to all our drawings since we upgraded to V12? its default attributes are white solid fill and black line.

i have just spent ages trying to work out why the bitmap image included in one of my viewports wouldn't print out. (it printed out fine in V11.5)after trying everything i eventually decided to change the class attributes of the <<container class>> to no fill - and the image then printed fine. i should also note that neither the viewport or the image were in container class and the image was visible on the viewport on screen. so, i s'pose the quesion is what other items can i expect to be related to this class and why.'


michael j williams BA DipArch ARB RIBA


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Also your uk rep had a meeting with NNA in London and promised to discuss it and get back to me, as follows:

Thanks Michael,

For some reason the second version 11 file came through before the first. That?s email for you. I?ll have a look at the files and get back to you. Will take a day or so as I?ll have to speak to Nemetschek.

Kind regards

Martyn Horne

Product Consultant



On 9/3/06 11:33, "michael j williams" <michael@mjwarchitects.com> wrote:

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That was the same date as the start of this post in this forum.

There is nothing new prior to the start of this post. That is what I was suggesting in my previous post.

We can sit here and argue over when you sent the post or not. We can also sit here and argue over whether or not you believe the engineers are working on the problem.

I, as well as the head engineer, have explained to you that we are working on a problem and that when the problem is resolved, you will see it in the release notes of that update.

I don't know what else to tell you or give you at this point. That is as much information as we can supply.

Edited by Katie
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Even minor problems can take a while to resolve.

I have agreed since the start of receiving your emails, posts and concerns on this topic. I have also agreed that it is a duplicatable bug after obtaining files and that the engineers are working on the problem.

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I agree.


I've repeated several tests (see my earlier post). The container class seems to be created when windows from the VW ARCHITECT SAMPLER.mcd, Wdw ANDERSEN.mcd and Wdw MARVIN.mcd files that were part of earlier versions of VW (11.5 in my test).

When these files are opened in VW 12, something in these window objects cause the creation of the container class. Windows created from the Tool Palette in 11.5 do not create a container class in 12.

There may be other legacy objects that cause this to happen - I don't have the time or patience to try to find them. I have drawings that were started in MiniCad 6 and don't recall seeing this happen until trying these particular objects. I have deleted the class in my test files & could find no change in the windows afterward.

Are you seeing the container class in drawings started in 12? Are there any of these particular window objects in your drawings created in earlier versions of VW?


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Sorry for being abrasive but I am frustrated when nothing seems to being done and sometimes being abrasive is the only way to get a reaction when you have asked for help some 4 months ago.


You are right - we get the container class only when converting earlier files [11.5] to 12. The noticable thing is that all the windows change and on screen have cross at the jamb. We end up having to change all the windows. We have Architect/Renderworks for Windows. As NNA have not resolved this we are also deleting the container class as we can not afford to hang around waiting for official advice but the worring thing is if we are doing the right action and now some of the files are crashing VW. We have created over 20 new project v12 files from the master 11.5 template and they are most problemly all effected. We may have to start afresh with a new v12 as amaster template and loose all the yeard work put in our v11.5 template.

Perhaps NNA may start to apprciate our frustration and the urgency of the problem now.

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I sent a couple of test files to Katie & Bug Submit showing how these older windows create the container class when brought into VW 12. These object types were removed from the VW package as of VW 12. Don't know what is causing the cross at the jambs, doesn't happen in my test drawing. Don't know if the crashing is related.

I think the explanation for dropping the Andersen/Marvin catalogs was:

1. They were outdated.

2. The new VW windows were a more flexible replacement.

Unfortunately, those old windows have something in them that is causing some users a lot of grief. Because they were being dropped, they may not have been fully tested in VW 12.

Not much help - sorry.


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