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  1. travis's method of rendering with hatches is very helpful and hopefully i will soon get to a stage where i can use it effectively. i haven't had much experience creating images or hatches for that matter so apologies if this is obvious, but i not only have a greyish background fill (when setting is white) but my horizontal lines are appearing dashed and in a circular swirling pattern in the perspective view?? any ideas about what i'm doing wrong here?
  2. payne

    Set 3d View

    The scale of the viewport, according to the object info, is 1:100 which is the same as the 'save as'. I should also mention that when i choose either current setting or orthogonal I do get a 3d view (although not the one I'm after) and it is only when i select narrow, normal or wide that i get the problem. also, since having this problem I have begun playing around with the camera tool but I can only set views in the design layers and can't work out how I get them into a viewport - is this possible?
  3. payne

    Set 3d View

    I have two almost identical vw12 files - one is actually a 'save as' of the other with a few extra walls & windows etc, but i am finding that they both react differently to the set 3d view tool and i can't work out why. the 'save as' file works just as i would expect. i double click on the viewport, select crop and then set a 3d view - and i get a reasonable perspective view of the building. however, when i try to do this on the same viewport in the original file all i get is 3 or 4 lines which appear to be a very, very zoomed in view of my building, in a viewport that has shrink to 1cm square. i try to zoom out of the view using the translate view tool but this has no effect. i have also noticed this in other files and i can't seem to find a pattern between those it works with and those it doesn't. i mention the above example because it seems strange that these two are practically identical files and yet both react differently to the set 3d tool.
  4. nothing is not working really - the programme still continues to run - it's just that whenever i open vw on my computer (not the host pc) or michael opens vw on his (the host pc) i get these two norton messages: when i open vw on my own pc i get a message saying that the intrusion is Portscan and that the intruder is my own computer id. once michael opens up vw on his pc i also get a norton message saying that a remote system is attempting to access my computer and that if i have started a programme that requires internet access or file sharing i should tick permit to continue the programme. i have been permitting this and the programme continues as normal. we have changed the programme control of norton to permit everything from vw12, and so we are wondering why this still continues. just checking really whether this is just something we have to put up with or whether it is actually doing some harm?
  5. We're using a PC on Win XP and we are finding that 'container class' appears on every file we convert to version 12. George- I gave your active only class idea a go and it did appear to be empty. However, I was wondering whether container class is perhaps a sub-class as part of an object - much as the 'sill' class is to the door and window. I have tried the active only method out on the sill class and found that when the doors/ windows are not visible the 'sill' parts aren't either regardless of whether the sill class is the active one or not - does this make sense? Basically, my concern is that perhaps we are deleting a part of an object by deleting the container class. any thoughts?
  6. please note in relation to above post - there is supposed to be text between the <> which is 'container class' - not sure why it's been wiped off?
  7. what is <> - a new class that has added itself to all our drawings since we upgraded to V12? its default attributes are white solid fill and black line. i have just spent ages trying to work out why the bitmap image included in one of my viewports wouldn't print out. (it printed out fine in V11.5)after trying everything i eventually decided to change the class attributes of the <> to no fill - and the image then printed fine. i should also note that neither the viewport or the image were in container class and the image was visible on the viewport on screen. so, i s'pose the quesion is what other items can i expect to be related to this class and why.
  8. thanks for the reply. i've given this a go but i then encountered issues with all of the internal walls, stairs, fittings etc for the ground design layer also starting at -200 and being embedded in the slab. considering that in this particular model i only have 4 external walls and far more internal it is actually easier for me to change the Z value for each external wall rather than the design layer - unless there is a better way??
  9. payne

    splay wall

    i'm using v12, we haven't yet downloaded 12.0.1.
  10. payne

    splay wall

    the splay wall tool is a great facility but why, when you only have a splay on the internal wall, does a surround appear on the external elevation of the window?
  11. hi, we have just got v12 architect and are setting up using model setup for the first time, there are a few things about it that don't make sense. we have a building with basement and 3 floors. in the model setup i have set the ground floor elevation at zero, the first floor at the ff height above ground etc etc. i have entered the c value as floor to ceiling height and then put in the slab thickness. i then draw the walls for each floor plan, ticking the link wall height to layer z for each level, and add the floors into the slab layers. the problem is that even though the default wall height in the model setup for each level is ticked as floor to floor, there are problems on the ground and basement in that the walls do not finish to the underside of the slab and there does not appear to be any setting to simply change this in the model setup. we resolved this on the basement level by setting the height at the walls -200 bz (slab thickness). we tried this on the ground level but it only moved the wall down resulting in the same problem on the first floor. suggestions would be appreciated
  12. please ignore the above post! thanks for the help mike - as i assumed, right under my nose
  13. hi - i posted a message re this last week but have had no reply and have still not managed to sort it. i have a large window with a gable shaped top. this is set up as window with a transom rise-2450mm and spring - 100mm. below the transom i have a custom sash - 6 left casements. this worked and rendered fine in VW11.5 but since opening and this drwg in VW12 the glass fills the bottom casements but the gable top transom has no fill at all. when i untick the transom option and leave the entire window as one fixed glass window with a gable top the glass fills the top area with no problems. i suppose that i could work around the problem this way by manually annotating the mullions where required on the viewport - but it seems a long and fussy way around something that v11'5 tackled fine. does v12 create a seperate class for transoms that i am missing? it is probably something right under my nose - please help!
  14. hi - we have just updated to version 12 and can't seem to overcome the following problem. i have a drawing that was originally created in v11.5 that i have just opened with v12. without changing anything i have updated the final quality renderworks viewport and for some reason the triangular section (transom?) of a gable top shaped window is filled black (with shadow), as opposed to the glass fill that was previously there, and that is still present in other windows in the drawing that don't have the transom/gable top shape. i have selected the window and chosen the glass fill as 'class' and typed in the what i would usually use 'style-glazing 1' but this has no effect. help would be great - thanks in advance!
  15. Robert, Following on from MJW's concern about the create roof problem - I have just checked the particular roof he mentioned and although we are still experiencing problems getting it right, it turns out that it's actually no worse than the 11.5 version - false alarm.
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