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Hello all,


I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a two way worksheet? I want to be able to Edit my record from the work sheet just like how I can edit the Worksheet from my record. Attached is an example of my file with the description field being the only field I want to be able to do this to. The text is already linked to the record I just cannot figure out how to edit the worksheet and type directly into it thank you in advance for the feedback.


Best Regards, Colin Devenish 

Practice Help.vwx

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Hi Colin,


Any field in a worksheet that is of the =Record.Field variety is automatically two way. This can be for either a PIO Parameter Record or for a custom record that you have attached to an object.


For PIO Parameter Records you would edit the data on the Shape pane of the OIP. For custom records you would edit the data on the Data pane of the OIP.


You don't have to to do anything special to set this up, but put in the =record.field formula in the worksheet.

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Even when I type =record.field in the formula bar it just selects all the contents in the column of the database when I click a cell. It doesn't allow me to input my own values into the worksheet and edit the text that is linked to the record. Is there a setting I need to change to stop this from happening?  

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 4.42.23 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 4.42.51 PM.png

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Your screen shots are too small to read, but I downloaded your practice file. When I change the values in the worksheet the values in the OIP change. When I change the Discription field, the text linked to the record change.


I am using =record.field as shorthand to mean use your record name and field name like you have.  So what you have in your database headers is correct.


Click in cell A2.1 and type something other than the letter A and the text on the object described by that subrow will change.


What are you seeing?

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This is your example file opened directly from the download in VW2020 SP. As you can see in the movie, I can change the values in the worksheet and have the text automatically change on the object. While I clicked into the edit bar to make the changes, you can also just select the cell and start typing and it will overwrite everything in the cell. If you want to edit what is in the cell you will have to click into the edit bar.

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Have you changes the criteria or worksheet functions from the test file you sent?


I don't know why you are not able to select a single database cell. I am relatively certain that is available in all VW versions.


Can you right click in the data base subrow row header (2.1, 2.2, 2.3) and if so do you get Select Item as an option?

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I am stumped. I don't know what is causing you to not be able to select an individual cell.


Is this VW2020? Are you on a Mac? If so, maybe as a test you can create a new user (system preferences:Users and Groups) and log into there and see if VW does the same. If it does then it might suggest that you uninstall and reinstall VW. If it works OK in the new users then that suggests that you have corruption in your user folder. You can move it to your desktop and restart VW and see if that fixes the problem.



@michaelk. Can you take a look at the movies above and tell us if you can think of any reason to not be able to select a cell in a subrow?

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Any of the Design version packages should be fine. Architect, Spotlight, Landmark. Or if you need features of more than one get Designer.


Based on the sample symbols you have shown, I think Architect might be your best bet. You will get improved Wall/Door/Window handling that might help you workflow compared to Fundamentals.

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