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  1. Thank you, Ill give this a try!
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to automatically place data tags on a symbol right when it is placed into a document. I don't want it to be text linked in the record since I want it to be rotated to sit directly upwards and easy to move and edit once it's in the document. If anyone has any suggestions or idea on how to do this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Colin Devenish
  3. What package would I need to gain this feature?
  4. Yes I'm on a Mac with Vectorworks 2020 and I will send it to a co-worker and see if they have the ability to edit the database. I will also try to change which user I'm on or reinstall the program.
  5. No The criteria is all the same I just added a couple more A Items I can right click on the rows 2.1 ect. and select the whole row and right click and I see select the item
  6. I see maybe my package doesn't include this because this is what happens when I use this in my document. IMG_3005.MOV
  7. The formulas are the same as in the sheet but here's what I see when I try to click and Edit the cells. It just selects all the cells each time and won't allow me to click in and edit them in the worksheet
  8. Even when I type =record.field in the formula bar it just selects all the contents in the column of the database when I click a cell. It doesn't allow me to input my own values into the worksheet and edit the text that is linked to the record. Is there a setting I need to change to stop this from happening?
  9. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a two way worksheet? I want to be able to Edit my record from the work sheet just like how I can edit the Worksheet from my record. Attached is an example of my file with the description field being the only field I want to be able to do this to. The text is already linked to the record I just cannot figure out how to edit the worksheet and type directly into it thank you in advance for the feedback. Best Regards, Colin Devenish Practice Help.vwx
  10. Pat, I finally Figured out how I can do what I wanted, thank you for all the help it was extremely helpful! Best Regards, Colin Devenish
  11. We print out all our drawings so the client doesn't actually use the drawings so, right now we just type out an A and put them on the drawing which is easier than linking each one and typing out the name. Is there a way to quickly label all your symbols with the text already assigned to the symbol? Or even a way to just label them with an increasing number?
  12. I see what you are saying, I put them underneath the symbol so they would always be there. I wanted to keep them with the block so that you could just edit the Description in the drawing and not have to type each one out. Is there a way to keep the text linked in the symbol with the product number on it so I don't have to type it out each time?
  13. I could send a copy of a file I was working on so you can see what Im trying to accomplish if you would like.
  14. That makes sense, Is there a way to make the letter show up in the description feild and stay in the same row as the item? Basically I just want the Letter to go with the symbol in my worksheet in the same row not separate rows?
  15. I noticed every time I do this the it creates its own record for some reason and wont attach to the same record I already had. I attached my practice file to make it more clear. Practice.vwx
  16. Sorry, Ive been off work the last few days but, thank you this really helps a lot Thank you!
  17. Yes, that's exactly what I'm looking to do! I'll work on continuing to experiment with trying to get this to work with my record labels and the scrips with my small files. I don't beilve my version of Vectorworks comes with the data tags as its just the fundamentals version as a heads up. Thanks so much for the help its much appreciated it!
  18. I have many symbols that are created and I create a database in a worksheet then use the type is symbol command. Then use =s and summarize values to create a list of symbols and =count to count how many of each I have. After Z we would move to AA and AAA and so forward. I want to have each symbol have its own Letter assigned and and easy way to put the letter on the symbol in the drawing. The letter assigned can be whatever we want it to be there is no Certain letter per symbol. We make multiple drawing using the same symbols and they all aren't included in every drawing so I would prefer if we assigned them letters in each drawing separately. The letter is just an easy way to idetify each part from the parts list in the drawing like a BOM.
  19. Hi all, I was looking for some help in the worksheets and putting a letter in a row for each symbol in the data sheet. I also was wondering if the general version of Vectorworks allows you to use data tags in 2020? Also any beginners tips for worksheets and making a BOM for the documents would be helpful, like more records or symbols tips. Thanks, Colin
  20. Cdevo7

    Data Tags

    Also, I have figured out how to use databases with =s and = count. Is there any way I could make all of the symbols be assigned a Letter
  21. Cdevo7

    Data Tags

    I keep trying to find the data tags command and I cannot find it. I have looked through all the tools and it's nowhere to be found. Does the fundaments Vectorworks not include this feature??? If so is there any option for something to do the same job that I could use. Im new to the creating symbols records and worksheets to form a parts list so any tips would be helpful thanks!
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