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Terrain --- Sandbox


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You can create terrain by drawing a polygon and running the Site Model from Boundary command. Once created, you can edit the 3D surface of the terrain, and use the sculpting tools to create swales, berms, raise and lower points, edges and triangles. You can push and pull an area with a set radius and falloff value. 

All of these changes will update the 2D also, and maintain track of the cut and fill.


And then Livesync to Lumion... 


What are we missing?

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Thank you Tamsin!


I miss the easiness of the tool....

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Just re-read your comment... have you used the sculpting tools in Vectorworks? What is it that you don't find easy about them?

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I try to work with the VW terrain the last 5 to 6 years with more or less disappointing output. The last VW update was an improvement, but we need further steps. If I compare it with the Sketchup Sandbox tool, I am a little bit jealous…


It would be interesting to see how an VW expert do the same in VW as seen in the Youtube Sketchup sandbox video 😉

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Yes but SUs Sandbox doesn't look like a real DTM for calculations.

Just a Quadmesh and sculpting like in a 3D Mesh App.


So you could use basically a Subdivision in VW.

OK SubD Tools do not offer sculpting.

So I would recommend VW's DTM anyway :


- Create an Arry of 3D Points to your desired Dimensions and Resolution

- create a DTM from it

- use new DTM sculpting tools to create your terrain.


And you will have a real DTM.



Of course you could just sculpt quad meshes in in any 3D App, like Modo, C4D, ...

or free Blender as it may be more intuitive or comfortable there and reimport

a DAE or suitable 3D format.

Either apply Materials before and separate by materials to just use it as is

in VW, or create a DTM in VW to go on manipulating that Mesh with modifiiers

and texture beds.

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