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Creating a 3D object from an Image file

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I am trying to make some 3D musical notes.

I am working with a visual artist on a project, and I need to do some modeling that has  physical musical notes.

I found some shared vector graphics, and opened those in Illustrator, exported them as DXF files, imported each one to an individual VWX file, made a surface, and extruded them

Yeah me!

The artist didn't like the musical notes I found, and has instead drawn new ones

Boo me

I went through this earlier in the project where we wanted a heart.

I took the PNG file dumped it in VW then used a series of arcs to re create the shape, made a surface out of them, and extruded. Woo-Hoo heart.

But the thought of having to that gag for 4 different complex musical notes has me rethinking my approach.

I'm pretty certain that I'm using the wrong software to do this. I bet there's something out there that could take a PNG, trace it, then extrude, and model it on an iPad, but I don't want to buy, and learn a new modeling program just for this small project.

There has to be a better way.

Doesn't there?

Thanks in advance





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29 minutes ago, Kevin Allen said:

Ai and VWX both have Trace Bitmap functions.

OK I did a search in Help and found the tool.

There's very little information about how to use it, and what the numbers mean, but I kind of got it to work.

It looks like it's very sensitive to how the image file is imported.

Once I slap it around a little I think it will reveal its secrects

It would be nice if VW would offer some deeper explanation of what the numbers mean.

This is not the only example of that.

But this method is going to be way better than what I was doing before



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As IO recall, the higher the number, the closer to the original object, I think you have a choice of 1-5 and it defaults to three.If you're tracing an in k drawing, going higher will get every bump or bleed int he image, adding lots, perhaps too much detail. It's pretty fast and then easy enough to quickly experiment.

The AI trice function is better, but you then have to export to DXF, use Select Connected Objects and Combine into a new surface.

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I believe there's a Marionette floating about to automatically generate 3d map from a 2d image.


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2 hours ago, bcd said:

I believe there's a Marionette floating about to automatically generate 3d map from a 2d image.


Can you expand on that thought?

Link to something maybe?

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