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Cannot Open file from explorer or drag files into document


Has anyone had an issue with being able to open a VW file directly from double clicking it in an explorer window?  Also I cannot drag a file into a VW document (SKP, DWG, or otherwise) as i have been able to in the past.  


I have uninstalled and reinstalled VW and it will work for about a day or so then stop working.  As of now I have to open VW and use the open command to launch a document or I have to use the import command to bring an object in.  


Dell Precision 3530

VW 2020 Spotlight

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Hi @JLitterio, given the nature of the issue and that it returns some time after a fresh install, I'd consider the following possible factors: 

  • When you install Vectorworks ensure: 
    • All aftermarket antivirus is turned off
    • Close all other programs during installation
  • Close all other software, restart Vectorworks then see if the issue persists. (A software conflict may be responsible). 
  • Disable any aftermarket antivirus you have installed as it may be blocking this action with these files. 

If none of the above help; 

  • It is possible your operating system is compromised in some way, warranting it's own reinstallation. - I say this because:
    • I can imagine one of the operating system's routines (that periodically run in the background) making some change that affects this capability. 
    • The issue is particular to your computer. 

There may be some value in identifying whether this behaviour started after a Windows update or new software or anything else that appears to correlate, but in my experience this is an unreliable way to diagnose. 

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@Jeremy Best, It can be a number of things I am thinking.  This is a work provided Laptop with some heavy back end  monitoring and filtering (Although I have argues continuously for a non admin locked machine)


I have found that it is definitely particular to my specific machine, all other machines and licenses in our office do not have the same result. I have done a wipe and fresh install.  Get it to work for a while and then it stops.  I am just going to bitch more to IT to get their dirty fingers out of my machine so i can manage it the way I want. 


Thanks for the tips.  

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