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  1. @Jeremy Best, It can be a number of things I am thinking. This is a work provided Laptop with some heavy back end monitoring and filtering (Although I have argues continuously for a non admin locked machine) I have found that it is definitely particular to my specific machine, all other machines and licenses in our office do not have the same result. I have done a wipe and fresh install. Get it to work for a while and then it stops. I am just going to bitch more to IT to get their dirty fingers out of my machine so i can manage it the way I want. Thanks for the tips.
  2. Has anyone had an issue with being able to open a VW file directly from double clicking it in an explorer window? Also I cannot drag a file into a VW document (SKP, DWG, or otherwise) as i have been able to in the past. I have uninstalled and reinstalled VW and it will work for about a day or so then stop working. As of now I have to open VW and use the open command to launch a document or I have to use the import command to bring an object in. Dell Precision 3530 VW 2020 Spotlight
  3. So i am trying out the Stream Deck and do a lot of mobile drafting. With that being said, I ended up purchasing the Stream Deck app for my tablet so that I don't have to carry the physical device around with me all the time. That being said, I am noticing that VW 2020 is not recognizing the Inputs. If i open a notepad, I see the key strokes entered, but if i switch over to VW they will not recognize. I have linked my tablet, Selected a profile with VW being the default application. Mapped buttons to hotkeys like i do with my streamdeck. Anyone else out here use the mobile app and have similar issues? Am i missing a step or something?
  4. @BSeigel Here are two files. One is a Blank Document where I placed 10 lights. In this file everything works as it should. The second file is a file converted from 2019 into 2020 where the i run into the numbering issues listed above. Let me know if you can shed some insight. Spotlight Numbering Test.vwx IAWO Fashion Show WHAT IT REALLY SHOULD BE.vwx
  5. Working in Spotlight 2020 SP1. When using the spotlight numbering, I run into the following issues. 1) DMX address field is missing. I can only pick the User Address Field which is labeled as "Address" in the numbering dialog. 2) Vectorworks Locks up and becomes non responsive when checking the Universe Field to use in Numbering 3) When trying to Re-address a address field, the numbering will continue to go up from the last known address instead of restarting at the number I choose. Tried this on multiple files as well as new. Multiple restarts of Program and machine. Windows 10 Pro Dell Precision 3530 Intel Core i7-8850H 2.60GHz 32 GB RAM
  6. I am trying to figure out a way to Automatically place a Custom Title block on a sheet layer when it is created. I am new and inexperienced to Marionette tools and am sure there is a cool way to use this to Select number of sheets, Size, and then place the appropriate title block to it. Any direction would be helpful. Thank you.
  7. I will check. I usually don't run with any user folders for this very reason. I am definitely in the right Jumper Cable VW list. I can add to the list, but the minute I click out of it and hit all the okays it never shows up in my drop down. Oddly enough if I then go back into the list, the custom connectors I added disappeared.
  8. I gave this a try but for some reason it is not showing up in my dropdown in the OPI. Is there another step I need to take to get them to show up?
  9. I am trying to plan out some LED TAPE and need to curve it. Given that LED tape is cut in sections I need to be able to set a "locked" length and then curve it to make my shapes. How can you create a line that you can curve without changing the overall length? I tried Nurbs at a set length and then edit it vertices but it keeps changing the length. Help you be appreciated.
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