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changing symbol name


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Writing a simple script to add a prefix to all the symbol names in the drawing but can't seem to find the command to replace the current name with a new name.  I can get a handle to each symbol in the drawing and its name, but can't figure out the command to write a new name for the symbol?  thoughts?


H1:=FInSymDef(H1);   {will get me the handle to the first symbol in the drawing}

SymName:=GetSDName(H1);     {will get me the current name of the symbol}


current symbol name:  "Toilet"

symbol name after the script is run:  "Toilet-1"

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SetName() and the Batch Rename tool are exactly what i needed. I remembered seeing that batch rename tool in the highlight reel for 2020 but could never figure out where it was.  I kept on looking for it in the Organization window for layers and classes, but now that i know where it is, it's like a whole new day!


Thank you for your help,



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