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Install in two computers

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VW will register a license for 3 Months.

After that you will need to connect to the internet again.

If you don't do or use it, the License should be free again.


I thought there would be a third shot for such cases (?)

Uninstalling will not free your license.

So I think you have to ask Support to manage your case.

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While it may be possible to request a dongle style activation, this is something that is going to be phased out over time (unless they changed their mind).


All of this activation stuff could be solved if VW would allow for self-management of activations like some other CAD software that I use is having, either by allowing unlimited installs but only one being active by logging on once into a cloud based license server and when you want to use it on another machine then log in from that machine and the old machine will automatically be deactivated (Rhino) or to manage activations through your account where you can deactivate an install if that no longer works from the machine involved, e.g. after a hardware crash (Bricscad).


Officially the number of deactivations by local support is limited to one or two times a year, so if you have some bad luck with e.g. Microsoft or another software company screwing up your computer with a lousy tested patch/update more than once you do have a problem.

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If there is still no way to deactivate an install you will have to contact your local tech support/distributor to let them know you need to install it on a new computer and have the activation of the decommissioned computer released so that you can install it on the new computer.

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