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Cancel Your Subscription and Stop Supporting Garbage

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I Believe the Only way to get Through is to Hit them In the Bank Account. I have already Canceled and Told them I Give Up In Frustration and Disgust. I simply cannot take the Crap that they force on us year after year any more.


2020 is nothing but a crash fest.


I can crash Vectorworks in 2 clicks %100 repeatable by using the insert drop tool?

as well as:



I have been forced to set auto save to every 5 minutes and Still feel Like I should Click Ctrl-S after almost every action.


I am not getting Paid to Bug Test your Issues.  Where Can I submit my invoice for my time?


Service Select Provides ZERO Value. It Only serves you with Phone Support That Further Re-enforces this we will let people who are paying us test it for us mentality.


Stop The Insanity That lets them think they can get away with this.


Until more of us stand up nothing will change. Years of complaints in the forums has a track record of ZERO RESULTS. 


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@sbarnett I do understand your frustration and we value your feedback. As you probably know, we just released 2020 SP2 and the issue reported above was fixed, I will encourage you to make the upgrade if you haven't done it already. Here it is the post for our release yesterday. Click HERE


As part of our community, we appreciate constructive comments to helps us improve our products. please feel free to reach out to me directly at jalmansa@vectorworks.net if there are other items that I can help you out. 

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This is Just More of the same reply. While not addressing that your software is not usable before at least SP3 because there are so many bugs that Your QA team seem unable to find but yet your Paying Customers seem to find with ease.


Another example of Not Listing to your customers.


The Best Example of this is the Reply I had to send your Customer Service when I was canceling.


I was Asked To Confirm that I really wanted to Leave.


My Reply:

This Email Requesting Confirmation is just another Baffling display of How Disconnected as a company you are from reality.


And Further Proof you do not listen to your customers.


How can " I am canceling Service Select and will no longer be a customer.  " be interpreted any other way?  


The Below Reference Support Discussions and your OWN SUPPORT REPLY that your software is not usable before SP3 Plus the Fact That Bugs I submitted Years ago are still Reproducible Today Bring Me Daily Frustration.






And I will Try to convince as many people as I can to do the same.

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12 hours ago, sbarnett said:

How can " I am canceling Service Select and will no longer be a customer.  " be interpreted any other way?  



As for subscribing of online services, unsubscribing too can be achieved by malicious third parties. Therefore it is always better to inform the real user that he is in the process of being unsubscribed.

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There is no added security in requesting a second reply from what by your explanation could be a compromised email account.


If someone had hacked my email to send a cancellation notice.


What security is achieved by requesting a second reply from the same said compromised email? Which by the way they accepted and canceled. and by that means I could still be the Said hacker going to town all over the forum as well.


there is no 2 factor there. So I discard this as not valid.

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And NOTICE the Complete Lack Of Response to the Real Issue.


That They Know They Release Broken Software Riddled with bugs year after year. Instead of calling it a Release Candidate Or Beta.


They Put Their Name On It and release it as a Finished Ready for Production Product when It Is Not.


And When You Point This Out They Stop The Conversation.

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