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updating classes

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I've spent the whole day (and night) trying to find a way to update classes :

We're working with workgroup reference and many files created from the same template. We use class style at creation so to have a coherent presentation throughout the files.

Quite of few classes have been change in the Template (color, line width and pattern) although their names remain unchanged... Is it possible to update the classes of all the files to match the template's classes new color and other attributes?

I can't imagine to do it manually for each of the files...!!!

Lot of thanks to all of you.

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Make sure there is an option / preferences setting to let user choose which way they prefered. Do not repeat the same problem as group default class does. - very hard to turn off specific class.

Let us choose which way is suit us most.


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I don't presume to know all the particulars, but I would think a VectorScript might address your problem. You'd have to execute the script in each file that needs updating, as a script cannot be run across multiple files at the same time, but that would still be easier than doing it manually.

Try posting your question in the VectorScript section of the board.

You might be able to export your good file as VectorScript and copy most of the code you need from there into a new script file. I'm sure someone can guide you to the right area of the VectorScript file to get you started.


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