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I am exporting ESC for Vision (a large scene, lots of geo and fixtures), and that is slow, but the same export to MVR is unworkably slow, same goes for the import in vision.

As I am writing this, vision is basically not responding in the background (cheweing on the MVR), and in a moment I will force quit it and import the ESC.


Everything up to date and latest versions. Tried both on Mac and Win. Is this the way it is, or am I doing something wrong?



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You probably have a large number of polys and that is why it's tacking that long. My workflow is to generate separate .esc or mvr files grouping things by department or whatever is easier to edit in Vision afterwards. This way if you have any updates to any part of your show you only re-export what has changed and not everything. My workflow will probably change with the implementation of mvr, but for now I stick to it.


Regarding which file type to use, I'm currently using a combination of both, depending on what I am exporting and how I want to use it, again whatever is easier to manipulate in vision afterwards.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

How big is your design?

Does it have a lot of symbols?

or is it more geometry based?


Could you post the file or PM it to me?  so that the Dev team can have a look at it





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