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NOMAD AR drawing issues


we recently started to use the AR feature for client presentations.

works very good in accordance to the tracking, layer classes stuff. good job.


some things are strange.

textures that are seamless sometimes show small gaps in the model and the surface starts flickering

geometry (imported obj file) is rendered in the nomad 3d view without erros, but in the AR mode many faces are destructed.


any hints what is going wrong here or how i can get rid of this?



screenshot of nomad 3d model



grid lines on the left of the roof



bottom view of the roof @100% scaling




car model in AR view. (original model format was obj)



vw rendering



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Do you mind sharing the file so we can take a look? You can either direct message me or share it here.





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I have seen this before when you have two (or more) surfaces at exactly the same location. When the render engine runs in some places one surface is the one evaluated to show and at the next point over it could be the other surface that shows.


If you can separate the surface by even a little bit (0.1 mm), then the surface conflict can be resolved.


Not sure if this is the issue in your case, but worth a look.

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yes. that is what i first thought on this issue.

the original model came from rhino and was rebuild from scratch in vewctorworks

but the roof is only one extrude and nothing else and the car has been rendered several times in rhino maya and c4d with v-ray and octane.

and there it always looks perfect.

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We can reproduce this issue and will update here when we find a solution. It probably has to due with the imported OBJ mesh not being loaded properly by our app. 

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