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Charlie Winter

RW Style Oddity - Anti-Alias and Full-Screen Options

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I am having some difficulty with options in a custom RW Style, specifically the Anti-Alias and Full-Screen options. I've stumbled across what appears to be an oddity related to a custom Renderworks Style, and how it reacts to different options checked or unchecked. I first thought the issue was related to my Renderworks Style but as a result of some more digging I've been able to reproduce the following effect consistently. I've attached the working file here as well. 


Is my process here a misunderstanding of the RW options or are things WAD?


Displayed below are screenshots from the attached file. I am using a custom Renderworks style, accompanied by an environmental HDRI image. I produced the following three rendered viewports. In the fourth viewport, I update the RW Background to a generic 2-Color, and my render appears.


I believe the issue lies with the second viewport, where Full-Screen is checked and anti-alias is unchecked. In my understanding of how this should work, a rendered image should appear.


ANTI-ALIAS Box is Checked ( FULL SCREEN is unchecked)

ANTI-ALIAS Box is Checked ( FULL SCREEN is unchecked)420F5F87-A65A-425B-B609-2DB7C97D4074.thumb.png.8b02c795c342ab588a8f44ba6804af69.png


FULL-SCREEN box is checked (ANTI-ALIAS is unchecked), and the render is blank.



FULL SCREEN & ANTI-ALIAS boxes checked.



FULL-SCREEN box is checked (ANTI-ALIAS is unchecked), and 2-Color RW Background is selected. Render appears.





Renderworks AntiAliasing Bug.vwx

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You don't say what OS you're on but it renders blank on macOS 10.13.6 for me. Send a report to: https://www.vectorworks.net/support/bugsubmit


However and it's a bit besides the point, you only really have anti aliasing off to speed things up on test renders as all rendering needs it on for final output. As well, the slow resolve I find, well, too slow for much use at all.




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@Charlie Winter Thank you for sharing the file. I did some tests and I found a few things that can help the rendering:


  • Sheet resolution was set to default 72dpi. Ok for preview but for finals go up to 300dpi min. That takes away the graininess and makes the carpet and walls look sharper.
  • There was no light source (sun object for example) always create one even if this one is off.
  • That light source can be set to smooth       shadows or sharp depending on the effect you are going after.
  • I think for the look you were going after there was no need for hdri background
  • Increase the resolution of some of those light settings,
  • Once you are done with previewing the viewport, uncheck full screen, that'll make the rendering go faster.
  • For quick testing of textures, try artistic cartoon other than OpenGL
  • Add some ambient occlusion, helps to create some volume.


I hope these tips may help.


rendering at 600dpi.jpg

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 10.31.55 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 10.31.46 AM.png

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