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Picture on screen / LED screen

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I want to put a logo on a screen, but whatever I try, whatever dimensions, he continues to publish in the box.
What do I wrong or what should I do?

Knipsel 1.JPG

Knipsel 2.JPG

Knipsel 3.JPG


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@rvanheesIn the render tab of the OIP when you select the screen texture make sure to uncheck the "repeat vertically" and "repeat horizontally" so that you only see the logo once.  You then will have to most likely scale and reposition the logo on the screen using the sliders.


Another option is to make sure that the logo is the same size as the screen and you can do this in the Size box using the Set By Image in the Edit Texture window.  Post your file and I can take a look if you are allowed to share it.


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For the LED screen your source images needs to be the same aspect ratio as the screen otherwise it will automatically tile to fill the available space. You can do it with white space in your image using an image editor.

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@rvanheesI took a look at the file and your video screen is 6000mm wide by 3000mm tall which is a 2:1 ratio.  In order for the image to properly show on the screen completely without duplication you need to resize the image to be an aspect ration of 2:1.  I would try this in an image editor such as Photoshop or Gimp and recreate the texture in Vectorworks using the resized image.


Another option is to "cheat" and create an extrude that is the same size of your video screen and 1mm thick.  You can then apply the image as a texture and use the proper scaling and orientation settings to produce a single image.

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Quick tip if you don’t have an image editor:


Draw a rectangle the size of your desired screen or at least with the correct ratio. Make it white or what ever color you want your background to be. Import the image in question using the import function and drag it where you want it over the rectangle. Adjust the image size to get your desired result. Screen shot using the rectangle as your exterior extents and you will have a graphic that is the correct ratio from which you can create the proper screen texture. 


Not as good as a graphics program but if you don’t have one, this will work and you can do it immediately. For renders, you will never know the difference. 

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Hi Justin, i don't get it, try everthing put ratio 1:100, have made different sizes ....


Also strange if i put the VW Colorbars 1x1.89 is works perfect.

Try to find out wat size it is, try to copy it ...

Picture 1.JPG

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Go back to your intital texture for the logo graphic you created and edit it.  When it is open, the first option is "COLOR" and in that drop-down menu "IMAGE" should be selected.  Click the "EDIT" button next to that.  A little window will pop up allowing you to change the image, flip, rotate or invert the image and select filtering options.   In the top right there are two buttons for tiling.  Deselect them both.  That way there will only ever be one instance of your graphic.  


I created a quick graphic that is clearly not in a 16:9 ratio, turned it into a texture and applied it to a 16:9 projection screen.  All you then have to do is adjust the placement which is in the same window where you added the texture.   


That should fix things right up.  And, as an example of what I had mentioned earlier, the graphic was created in VW as were the screen grab and the oval highlighting the two check boxes.  I find for anything this simple, it is much quicker to just do this in VW than jumping back and forth between applications.  Plus only one set of tools and shortcuts to consider.  


hope this helps.  

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 2.19.51 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 2.17.58 PM.png

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