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File name stamp update

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I have created my own custom title block.

It has a field where the file name is, this field contains a file stamp that gets its information from the actual file name.

When I insert this title block on a new drawing in my project, the file name field is correct filled. But if i change the file name and open the file do the old file name still appear in the "file name" field.


The other day i discovered that if I mark a title block and then uncheck the "This title block is active" box and the check it again, the file name stamp is updating on all drawings.

BUT is it possible to force this field to automatic update the file name, if there has been a file name update? I work in a quite big department, and I am afraid that not everyone remember to do the "uncheck and check" thing.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
1 hour ago, Nicolas Goutte said:

That is probably the origin of the behaviour. The title block has no chance to know that the file name has been changed.

That's right.


1 minute ago, Mikedk64 said:

I have now tried the "save as" in VW and it is the same result

- We are aware of this and we are looking for an appropriate way to make it work. As of now, you could use the Tools->Utilities->Reset All Prug-Ins in order to get the File Name updated for all TBBs in the active file.


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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