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Dimension precision doesn't update upon change


Using VW2019 Architect.  If I change the precision of my dimensions say from .1mm to .01mm, existing dimensions don't update.  New dimensions take on the set precision. 


Is this expected behaviour?  I would expect any change to the dimension units, or precision, would update automatically.


UPDATE:  Things do update automatically IF I change to different units, then change back.  (i.e.:  if I change to inches, then back to mm with any precision, the dimensions all update as expected)


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In my opinion, since each dimension can have its precision set individually in the OIP, this is the designed and correct behavior.


If I have manually set the precision for some dimensions and not for others and then I choose to change the setting for the document, I would not want the new document setting to necessarily override my manual settings. Think site plan versus detail.


You can either use your change the units (though I bet it only works if you change to fractional fee & inches) or select all the dimensions and change the setting in the OIP.

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Thanks for the reply.  I'll carry on then, and select all and update when necessary.

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