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Way to have Two lights of same type, fixture list only shows 1.


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Hi All,


I have two LX bars, one on top of another. I want to put the lights on the bar in top plan view but also have a top plan view that shows the bar from front on which shows what fixtures are on which bar. Is there a way to place a fixture twice but only have one of them affect the spreadsheets? I.e. if I place two lights (One top plan view, one 'front plan' view) , I only want my fixture list to show that I have place 1.


Thanks all.

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There's the DLVP method of showing a front on view that will keep all your fixture counts coordinated.


It's different from drawing a top plan view of a fixture front on but that should be able to achieve what you are asking. 


Alternatively, place the two LX positions on different layers,  create 2 viewports, one with each layer and you can place them so that they don't stack (one will obviously be out of position)


I personally prefer the DLVP method though. 




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The best way to do this that I have found is by using the Create Plot and Model View Function. This partially automates the process that @Gabriel Chan describes above.


Take a look at the video I made below with regard to sidelight. The principle is the same. The Create Plot Model View function is quite prescriptive, so you need to watch carefully to follow the steps.


With regard to your two lighting bars, just think of them as two rungs of a ladder laying horizontally on the floor that need to be rotated to hang vertically; then apply that thinking to the video.....



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Do you need a 3D view?  Your post just mentions two Top/Plan views.  If you are 2D only, you just have to use a graphic language that shows you are drawing a vertical position and don't worry about stacking the positions (other than for calculating beam angles).  You have two options:


1. Draw the positions in elevation the way you would a ladder, with the light symbols below the bars and pointing down (or the reverse for an FOH position).  In addition, draw a "footprint" or "shadow" of the position in plan view.  This a top/plan view of the position, using shaded or hatched regular symbols (not lighting devices), just as you would do for a ladder or boom.


2. Draw the both pipes in top/plan, offsetting one of the pipes (usually the top).  Indicate that the top position is N.T.P.L. (Not True Plan Location), or your favorite note to indicate as such), and use arrows at the ends of the pipe to indicate that this position stacks on the other.  If the hanging configuration is radically different from the bottom pipe or uses a different inventory, also include footprints in their true position.

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I went with the method that @markdd suggested which worked really well. My only problem is that in top/plan view it shows the direction of which the actual light object is pointing. Does anyone know how to get rid of that? 

I've attached a small snip of what I mean. I'm trying to get rid of the cones and the direction arrows of the lights, but keep the physical 3D object of the fixtures. 

I thought they would be split down into their own classes however I don't think this is the case.



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