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Custom Cable Types?

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Is there a way to add types of cable to cable tool?  I'd like to be able to draw in things like NL8, video cable runs, etc.



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If you mean you want to add a cable type that is not 


Jumper Cable

Data Cable


Feeder Cable

The answer is no.  What kind of cable do you want to add?


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Sam is correct in that you cannot add a new cable type.

A workaround would be to create separate layers and classes for the cable types you want to create, then when you insert your cables, go into the tool preferences (for that particular tool) give it an appropriate cable run ID, color etc and then use the "User Fields" to label as the cable type you want and connector/breakout type.  You then set up your cable worksheet for that cable type to display the user fields and not the cable type or connector fields and to sort by the appropriate layer. This will at least give you the cable lengths and totals.

Hope this helps

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It is possible that he needs connectors or breakouts that are not listed in the drop downs.  There is a solution for that, but the real question remains; does he need a new kind of cable type?  If he does there is another workaround, but I need to know more.

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Sam is correct, I was looking to be able to specify a different connector type.  I did a little googling after I posted and found the solution in an old post on the boards here from a couple years ago.



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Cool that you found a solution, I hadn't found this when I looked previously.  I have included the link for other interested users below

@ Sam, could you post either a quick description of how to make the custom cable types here for other interested users or a link if it has been previously covered?


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I was a bit abrupt.

I just need to know that we are not talking about adding a different category from Multicable, Data Cable, Jumper Cable, and Feeder Cable.  If that is what you want to know, the work around is specific to what you want to add, and usually means adapting one of the 4 categories with a workflow that leaves one wanting, but can get much of the job done, depending on the job.

If you mean adding connectors and other drop down menu items, that would involve using the Plug-In manager.




When the dialog appears.

For example, to add to the "Connector" pull down of the Jumper Cable type:


1. click on the “Third-party Plug-Ins” tab

2. click on the “Jumper Cable VW” plug-ing

3. click on the "Customize..." button.

3. click on the “Connector” parameter.  (#7)

4. click on the “Edit” button

5. click on the “Choices” button

6. add what you want.


The same thing can be done with other connector lists and breakouts and breakins.

Every time there is a Service Pack update, you will have to do this again.


There is a third party add on (mine) that lets you more comprehensively edit and manage inventories, but that is another story.

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no problem

    To clarify I was wondering if it is possible to make custom multi cables that use more than 6 circuits and function correctly with the assign circuits and breakout label tools?

The reason I am asking is that there are many cases in the entertainments industry where the user would want to be able model multi-core cable types with more than 6 circuits, one example is that here in Europe most countries use a 6 circuit standard for HAN-16 multi-core cables however in the Netherlands they use an  8 circuit standard for the same HAN-16 cable type (they also use a different Live/neutral phasing on the pins in the connector itself but that is another whole problem and not relevant here!)

     If I am understanding your description above correctly  I would have to use the plugin manager to add both new connector/breakout types to the appropriate parameters choices lists, then add new parameters for the extra circuits to the tools and lastly edit or create new breakout labels that reference the new parameters. I would then also have to repeat these changes every time a new service pack update is released. Please correct me if I am wrong

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Unfortunately, you can't add the parameters you need without breaking the Multicable object.  The Multicable is currently limited to 6 or fewer circuits.  You could add a cable type in the drop down menu that said HAN-16 (8 circuit) or any other name you like.  Those cables would be counted separately.  You would also be able to add the appropriate breakout to the breakout drop down, and they would be counted separately.  However, I the circuit assign command would only use the first 6 circuits, and would only hold information for the first 6 circuits.

The third party add on mentioned above has a Multicable that can have between 1 and 12 circuits, hold the appropriate information, and adjust the OIP display.  It also has a more powerful Circuit Assign command that will access and assign all the circuits, up to 12.  Again, that is another story. 

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